Connector Environment

A connector environment is a named configuration for how to connect to a datasource. Connector environments define the information needed to authenticate to the HTTP or SQL data source.

Fields for all connectors environments:

NameEither production, staging or development
Connector HostA cloud or local computer that actually runs the connector function code.
PortThe communication endpoint. More info

Additional fields for SQL connector environments:

SSLWhether to use Secure Sockets Layer. see more
Typethe type of database. Tulip supports:
Microsoft SQL Server
Databasethe name of the database
Userthe name of the user to authenticate the request
Passwordthe password used to authenticate the request

Additional fields for HTTP connector environments:

TLSWhether to use Transport Layer Security. see more
HeadersOptional key/value pairs to include in the request header. see more
Authentication TypeOne of 3 authentication types:
- No Auth
- Basic Auth
- OAuth 2
If the environment uses basic auth or Oauth 2, the appropriate credentials must also be saved for that environment.


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