Machine Attribute

A combination of name and datatype. Used to map unstructured data from a Data Source so machine data can be normalized, allowing easier interactions with the data. Attributes are managed globally; An Attribute can be used on 0, 1 or many Machines. Deleting an attribute is not allowed while in use. Attributes cannot be restored after delete.


NameUser defined name for the attribute
TypeThe data type of the attribute, can be Text, Integer, Float or Boolean


QA-T114Machine Monitoring : 02 - Machine Attributes
QA-T115Machine Monitoring : 03 - Event Editor
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted
QA-T722Machine Monitoring : 02 / Machine Attributes' name can't be left blank and must be unique


157Provide a managed way to configure and maintain definitions of equipment models including creating, copying, editing, making obsolete, and deleting.
186Ability to define and maintain equipment attributes.