Record History Widget

The Record History widget allows you to view the history of any table record that has been loaded into a Record Placeholder in an app that is running in the Tulip Player.

It is commonly used to view the history of batches, materials and subassemblies.

You can view one record at a time within the widget.

A Tulip user will typically build an app called "Review and Approval" that is meant for another Tulip user from the quality department.

The member of the quality team will view the history record for a recently completed batch, and then sign their approval. This will complete the app and log their official approval.

So, this widget is commonly used in combination with these other features:

Since records can be modified in both the Player and the Tables admin interface, the Record History Widget includes events from both sources.


These fields are used to customize the widget within the App Builder

Linked PlaceholderThe record placeholder that will populate the widget when used in the Player
Enable Printing (optional)A boolean option that determines whether the record history can be printed within the Player
Footer (optional and only when printing is enabled)Text field for showing a custom footer on each page of Record History when printed
Sorting DefaultThe default sorting direction (oldest to newest vs. newest to oldest)
Enable SortingA boolean option to allow or prevent sorting of the widget from within the Player
From Date (optional)The earliest date to show updates to record history in Player
To Date (optional)The latest date to show updates to record history in Player
App Name (optional)Choose to only show updates to a record that came from a specific app
Step Name (optional)Filter data by the name of the Step in which it was recorded
Table Field Name (optional)Choose to only show updates to a specific record field
Table Field Value (optional)Choose to filter updates by the value within a Table field. Only fields of the selected Placeholder can be selected
User (optional)Choose to only show updates by a specific user
Hide "Old" Values in Record UpdatesChoose to hide the "Old" column that compares an old value of a data point to the new one
Hide Process DataChoose to hide variable values from the run of the app where the record was changed
Signed Completions OnlyOnly show process data and Table records that occur during a completion that also contains a signature.

Data Recorded

These are the data that are recorded any time a table record is updated. Every data point will be shown in the widget whenever a new record is loaded.

From Table Admin Interface

NOTE: Records and associated fields are modified after clicking 'Save' (when editing) or 'Create' (when creating a new record)

User NameName of the user that updated the record
Type of ChangeWhether the user created, updated or deleted the record
Changed FieldsThe fields that were modified
Changed Values (Old)The values in the record before the change
Changed Values (New)The values in the record after the change
TimestampThe datetime when the user modified the record

From Player

Note: The user must complete the app or run the "save all app data" trigger action in order to capture all data points related to that run of the app.

Note: Only variables that are marked as "Save for Analysis" in the Variables dialog in the App Builder will be included in this summary.

User or Bot NameThe user that opened the app in the Player or bot that updated the record
App NameThe app where the record was modified
VersionThe version number of the app that was being run
Station NameThe name of the station where the app was run
Step NameThe name of the step where the record was modified
Step Open TimestampThe datetime when the step was opened
Type of ChangeWhether the user/bot created, updated or deleted the record
Changed FieldsThe fields that were changed with each trigger that was run
Changed Values (Old)The values in the record before the change
Changed Values (New)The values in the record after the change
Record Change TimestampThe datetime when the trigger was run that modified the record
Variable Name ListThe list of variables with values at the time that app data was captured
Variable ValuesThe value of each variable at the time that app data was captured
Variable Update TimestampThe timestamp that the step was changed after variables were modified
Signature NameThe text label of the Signature Widget or Signature Form
Signature DataThe Variable and Table Record Field values at the time of signing
Signature MeaningThe association between the user signing and the data being signed for
Signature CommentThe text comment associated with a signature from the Signature Widget
Signature SignerThe username and ID of the user that signed the Signature Form or Signature Widget
Signature TimestampThe timestamp when the user successfully submitted the Signature Form Step or signed the Signature Widget

Viewing History of Deleted Records

If a user deletes a record, the history can be restored and viewed in the Record History Widget.

Let's say that record with ID "123" was deleted. A user must create a new record with ID "123" in the Table.

Then, they must load this record into a Record Placeholder in an app running in the Player. This will allow them to see the history of that record.


QA-T396Widgets - Digital History Record Widget


PLAT-8728 (249)Provide the ability to print the material history record
PLAT-8736 (847)Ability to view complete history record for material item production (Digital History Record).
PLAT-8741 (462)Ability to view and display the material history record for a specific batch/lot and material
PLAT-8798 (465)Ability to query history records by any related dimension. Ie. equipment, user, work order, material, time, duration, etc.
PLAT-8871 (855)For records supporting batch release it should be possible to generate printouts indicating if any of the data has been changed since the original entry.
PLAT-8874 (848)The ability to discern invalid or altered records. Ability to annotate data is changed. For GMP or critical data changes annotation can be configured as required.
PLAT-8883 (814)Ability to view, display and and print accurate and complete records, including any attachments, electronic signatures and their associated audit trails.
PLAT-8983 (356)All tracked information and logs will be available as part of material and process history records.
PLAT-8984 (244)Ability to view and print a version of App that define a specific Master Batch Record (MBR) or Master Device Record (MDR)