Camera Configuration

A Camera Configuration defines the Regions of Interest and a set of Detectors that can be applied to one or more stations Station with cameras connected.


IDAuto-generated and unique Id for the Camera Config
Live Station ViewA view of the Camera feed for a Station to which the Camera Config is assigned.
Region ConfigurationA configuration for each Region that has been created. A Region configuration consists of a Name and list of Detectors. Each Detector can be toggled for each Region.


QA-T30201: Create, Edit, and Delete Camera
QA-T30303: Assign Camera to a Physical Camera
QA-T30406: Create, Edit, and Delete a Region
QA-T30507: Apps can use Vision Cameras and Regions
QA-T30605: Camera feed in Factory behaves of in low bandwidth scenarios
QA-T30809: User permissions get checked when viewing video
QA-T30908: Video preview does not get shown in the Station's page "Live Preview"
QA-T31004: Video stream is shown
QA-T39410: Test Snapshot Feature with regions


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