Custom Widget

Custom Widgets are defined within the Tulip Platform and can be added to Apps in the same way as standard Widgets. This allows users to extend Tulip to meet specific use cases while maintaining centralized control.


NameName of the Widget as it will appear in the App Builder
Description (optional)Brief text description of the widget
IconIcon that will be displayed in the App Builder. A list of possible icons is provided.
PropsThe inputs and outputs of the widget. By default, Props are inputs and will not write back to the App. Props flagged as writeable will also update the app when values change.
EventsThe events that a widget will return to the App. Users can write Triggers that occur whenever an Event is fired.
HTML / JavaScript / CSSCustom code written by the user that defines the behavior of the widget.


QA-T815Custom Widget: 01 - Create Custom Widget
QA-T853Custom Widgets: 04 - Manage Custom Widgets


No requirements