Display Device

Display Device, depending on context, refers to the physical computer, tablet, phone, or machine being used to run the Tulip Player. When referring to bar code scanners or other devices that can be used as Triggers in Apps, see Player Device Mapping


IDA unique identifier of random characters, not editable by user.
IdentifierA unique identifier to enable bulk deployment by IT organizations. This can be autogenerated by Tulip or manually set by the user.
NameA non-unique identifier, editable by the user.
StationAssigned Station for the display device.
Station GroupGroup to which a Station is a member. Managed on Shop Floor.
RegistrationThe method used for registration. Display Devices can be registered via link or manually at the Station.
SoftwareThe software running the Tulip Player (e.g. Browser, Windows Player). The version of the Player will be shownIf running the native Tulip Player.
StatusThe status of the Player (Online, Offline, Pending) and the duration it has been in that status.


No tests


PLAT-8989 (PLAT-8989)Display Device authorization can be managed centrally with the ability to create multiple devices at once