Machine Data Source

Description, address and credentials for connecting to the data source so that data from the physical machine can be consumed by Tulip. This is used for defining a Machine in Tulip. The data source is created and/or managed by the customer or a 3rd Party, in a networked location accessible by a Tulip Connector Host. A Data Source can be deleted and can also be restored. There are 2 types of Machine data source :

  1. OPC UA - This is used for connecting to machines that transmit data over the OPC UA protocol
  2. Tulip API - This is a default machine data source which comes pre-configured in every Tulip instance. This is used for sending events to Tulip over Tulip's Machine API.


NameUser defined name for the Data Source
DescriptionUser defined text describing the Data Source
Running OnThe Connector Host used to broker the data between the data source and Tulip
Agent URLIP address or the host name for the data source.
Security ModeSecurity mode required by the OPC UA server in order to encrypt the OPC UA traffic
Authentication MethodOption to choose a specific authentication method as required by the OPC UA server
UsernameUsername required by the data source to authenticate in case authentication method is User Name
PasswordPassword required by the data source to authenticate in case authentication method is User Name
Private Key & CertificateOption that allows user to upload private key & certificate in order to authenticate using X509
ImageUser defined image to represent the Data Source
Deactivation StatusA boolean that indicates whether the machine is active or deactivated


No tests


PLAT-8846 (344)Ability to track all equipment status and movement if relevant. Ie. equipment tracking history or equipment logs will contain complete history of activities performed by or on an equipment
PLAT-8932 (345)Track current equipment current status and state transitions. State transitions including status before and after transition will be included in the equipment history logs.