Table Aggregation

Table Aggregations allow users to summarize any field in a Table.

They are combined with Table Queries within the App Builder so that these aggregation values can react in real-time to changes in the records that are included in the Table Query.

Table Aggregations are saved in their current state with every published version of an app. So, when a new version of an app is created, it cannot be changed by changing the rules of a Table Aggregation.

Table Aggregations can only reference a single Table.


NameThe name of the Table Aggregation
IDThe unique ID of the Table Aggregation
CalculationThe summary function that is performed by the Aggregation. Choices include: Average, Count, Max, Min, Mode, Sum, Unique Values
FieldThe field in the Tulip Table that is being referenced


QA-T572Table Queries : 03 - Create, Edit, Delete an Aggregation
QA-T573Table Queries : 04 - Aggregation Configuration
QA-T703Table Queries : 07 - Unique value aggregation
QA-T721Table Queries : 03 / Can't edit a saved Aggregation without clicking 'Edit'


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