Edge Devices Page


The Edge Devices page allows Tulip users to see the status of every Tulip Edge Device connected to the account. They can also see the station where the Edge Device is being used.

Finally, they can access the Edge Device Portal for each device by clicking the link in the "Local IP" column. This will allow them to configure the software running on the Edge Device.

Model/Page Connections

Edge Device


  • A user can update the software running on the Edge device, when possible, by clicking the "Update" button in the "Software" column. This will download the latest version of the device software to that particular edge device.
  • A user can click the "link" icon in the Local IP column to access the Device Portal for each Edge Device, where they can customize the software configuration.


  • A user can view a list of all Edge Device that are authorized to connect to the Tulip account via the table in the middle of the page.


No other pages are directly related to the Edge Devices page.

User Permissions

A user with “create” permissions for Stations can view all assets on the page. They can access the Edge Device Portal by clicking any link on the page.

Any Tulip user can authorize a new Edge Device, which would add it to the list on this page. They may not have permissioins to be able to access it later from the Edge Devices Page, however.


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