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This page allows users to view, edit or delete a Machine Type. The type name, a list of Machine States, Machine Downtime Reasons, Machine Attributes, Machine Activity Columns and Machine Triggers can be managed from this page and represent the full definition of a Machine Type.

Model/Page Connections

Machine Type


  • A user can create new States, Downtime Reasons or Attributes from the flyout menu on the right.
  • A user can create new triggers by clicking '+' from the Machine Triggers header and then clicking 'Save'.
  • A user can create new Machine Activity Columns from the Configuration tab by clicking '+' on the header of the Machine Activity Table.


  • A user must click Edit from the header to enable editing, save to confirm changes and cancel to exit without saving.
  • A user can edit the name of the type by clicking on the name of the type.
  • A user can add Machine States, Attributes or Downtime Reasons by clicking the '+' on the respective sub headers or remove them by clicking the 'X' next to a specific line item.
  • A user can add Machine Activity Columns by clicking '+' on the header of the Machine Activity Table.
  • A user can remove custom Machine Activity Columns by clicking the 'down' carat and then Delete Field
  • A user can edit an existing trigger by clicking the trigger name.
  • A trigger can be copied by clicking the 'copy' icon for each by trigger.
  • A trigger can be enabled or disabled by the toggle next to the trigger name. Logic within a disabled trigger will not be evaluated. This feature is behind a feature flag as of LTS7.



  • A user can delete the Machine Type from the "..." menu.
  • A user can delete a trigger by clicking the 'X' next to the specific trigger or by clicking 'Delete' from the trigger modal when open.
  • A trigger can be removed by clicking the 'cut' icon. This will cut the trigger to the clipboard to be pasted as necessary.


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Creating, editing or deleting on this page may be restricted by the users role.


QA-T256Machine Monitoring : 04 - Machine Type
QA-T390Machine Monitoring : 05 - Machine Type Management
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted


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