Settings - Date and Time


This page lets users configure the settings around datetime formatting and timezones. Some settings are managed at the Account level and others are managed at the Workspace level as described below:


  • Custom Datetime Format: Determines the formatting of datetime stamps that are displayed throughout Tulip and the Player.

Users have three options for creating a custom datetime format:

  • Date: How the day, month and year are rendered
  • Time: Whether the clock expresses time in 12 hour intervals or 24 hour intervals
  • Delimiter: The character that separates the day, month and year.


  • Default Timezone: Determines the timezone in the timestamps that will be used in both the Player and Tulip

Model/Page Connections


User Permissions

Any user with “view” privileges for account settings can view and edit Account settings. Any user with “view” privileges for workspace settings can view and edit Workspace settings.


QA-T507Date and Time: 01 - Current Timezone
QA-T508Date and Time: 02 - Default Timezone
QA-T509Date and Time: 03 - Custom Datetime Format
QA-T639Workspaces : 04 - Date and Time


PLAT-8734 (852)System must provide accurate time server synchronization and shall utilize the same time source.
PLAT-8787 (38)Date and time must be displayed in the current locale