Settings - Users


The Users page allows Users to

  • View, edit and delete Users
  • Access the Custom Fields for a User,
  • Search for Users (by Name, Email or Badge ID),
  • View Filtered Lists of Users and view last connection datetime or online since datetime.

Model/Page Connections



  • Users can Search for Users by clicking into the “Search users” field. Upon entering text, the Users are filtered to a list that only displays the Users with a Name, Badge ID or Email that match the entered text. The list is updated in real time without having to click a button.
  • Users can filter the Users by Role by clicking “Filter” and selecting the User Roles from the Radio Options.


  • Account Owner Users can Edit other Users’ information by clicking “Edit”.
  • This presents the User with a page in which all information fields listed below can be modified:
    • Profile Picture
    • Role
    • Account Creation Date
    • Email
    • Badge ID
    • Phone Number
    • Language
  • Once the changes have been made, the User can click “Save” to save the changes made to the User’s information.


  • Account Owners have the option to Deactivate users by clicking the “•••” button at the top right of the screen.
  • Clicking the button presents the User with a confirmation modal, that upon clicking “Deactivate Users” deactivates the specified Users’ account.


  • Account Owners can Create Users by clicking on “Add user” at the top right of the screen.
  • The button presents the users with an Add User modal, where the Users inputs the following information:
    • Image
    • Name (Required)
    • Role (Required)
    • Email (optional, can be added later)
    • Badge ID (required if operator)
  • Upon clicking “Add”, the newly created user receives an Email with the invitation to create the User Account and set a Password.

User Status


  • A user can view the last time any other user logged in, or their status since they were invited

User Fields


  • Each User has one record associated with it.
  • User Table can be sorted by any column in ascending or descending order.
  • User Fields and all values for all users can be exported via the "Export CSV" button in the top right of the User Fields page.


  • Custom fields of the following data types can be created:
    • Text
    • Number
    • Boolean
    • Integer
    • Interval
    • Image
    • User
    • Datetime
    • Color
    • User
    • Machine
  • Account Owners can add custom fields to the Table.
  • Account Owners can modify the data in each of the records for any of the columns.


  • Account Owners can archive columns.
  • Account Owners can delete data from records in any of the columns.


  • Account Owners can modify specific column names and descriptions.
  • Account Owners can modify column values for any of the User Records.

User Permissions

Any User with Tulip "viewing" permissions can...

  • View the Users page.
  • View the User Fields page.

Any User with "create" permissions for users can...

  • Add, archive, and edit columns in User Fields.
  • Modify values of each individual user within User Fields.
  • Create new users.


QA-T4User Management : 01 - Create new administrator account
QA-T11User Management : 05 - Cannot Create an Admin with an empty or used Email
QA-T16User Management : 08 - Create new operator account
QA-T122Group-Restricted LDAP : 04 - Admins should not be able to create Users
QA-T235User Table : 01 - User Table
QA-T260User Roles : 01 - Account Owners can add other Account Owners
QA-T262User Roles : 02.1 - Account Owners can create new Account Owners
QA-T263User Roles : 04 - Account Owners should be able to deactivate/reactivate users
QA-T331LDAP Tulip Managed : 01 - Creating Users
QA-T333LDAP Tulip Managed : 03 - Deactivated Users can't Log In
QA-T387User Management : 11 - User Deactivation
QA-T520User Table : 02 - Users Table Export
QA-T653LDAP Tulip Managed : 01 / Creating a User with the same name
QA-T663User Management : 08 / Trying to create New Operator Account without entering a name/with a Badge ID in use
QA-T880User Roles : 02.2 - Account Owners can create users other than Account Owners


PLAT-8805 (375)The user model includes ability to define access control for execution of model components. Ie. users, roles, groups that are allowed to execute a process step, data collection, completions, etc.
PLAT-8809 (29)Access and use of system and its components shall be limited to authorized users.
PLAT-8816 (44)Ability to revoke user access to the system both permanently and temporarily with appropriate authorization
PLAT-8861 (24)Provide a managed way to define and maintain definitions of a user model including creating, editing, and disabling of users.
PLAT-8863 (114)The user model includes ability to define access control to all elements of the system including libraries, administration, transactions, functions, apps, integrations, analytics, reporting, etc.c
PLAT-8890 (810)Provide managed authorized access to all records and electronic signatures including data, information, configurations, and data files.
PLAT-8899 (43)All user maintenance activities shall be recorded.
PLAT-8941 (31)User record has to include valid full name
PLAT-8946 (806)All records shall be Enduring, ie. store, managed and unalterable for the full retention period.