Record Placeholders : 02 - Edit a record placeholder in an app

Additional detail to help the purpose of the test be clear:
This test makes sure that record placeholders in an app can be edited, using the records tab in the left sidebar of the app editor.

critical criteria of test (CCT)
  • A record placeholder in an app can be edited
This tests expects the following to be true
  1. You are able to log into as a non sysadmin
  2. You have access to the tulip 1pw account
  3. you have basic understanding of tulip terminology
  4. The data models feature flag (dynamicDataModels) is enabled
  5. A data model named "QA Table" has been created.
  6. You are starting from the app editor.
  7. A record placeholder has already been created in this app.
If you are doing this QA not on you will need to have different credentials and change all base urls from to https://<your instance>