Self-serve IIoT

Verify the following URS's:
  • 59 - Ability to integrate legacy equipment or devices as an IIoT end-point
  • 62 - Data from integrations is historized, stored for use in trending and analysis
  • 63 - Data from connected end-points can be sent to other connected end-points
  • 64 - Data from connected end-points can be sent to connected core systems (MES, QMS, PLM, LIMS, and Sample Inventory)
  • 99 - Ability to display the acceptable quality limits to the operator during the execution with an indication of whether the current value is inside/outside the limits.
  • 101 - Ability to use a scale and record scale readings like (but not limited to) -Zero -Tare -Gross Weight -Net Weight
  • 391 - All materials must be identifiable through auto-id (e.g. barcodes)
  • 836 - Ability to retrieve information from an external system of record so that Apps can get the required information for execution of a specific process step.
The app "Self-serve IIoT" is already created and exists.

The station the app is running at also has a Brecknel Scale (PS25) and barcode scanner connected to the gateway.

You have a PostgreSQL table that has the following attributes:
  1. The name of the table is barcodes
  2. The name of the columns are ID, ProductCode, and ExpectedWeight
  3. The following rows exist (1234 | ABC-123v2 | 300), (4567 | LMNO-456v5 | 150), ( 7890 | XYZ-789v8 | 450)