Record Data Integrity (RDI, ER/ES)

Verify the Validity of the following URS's:
  • 19 - Provide the ability to configure an e-signature requirement for any master data definition or model's status transition in the approval workflow
  • 33 - Display the current users logged in during any interaction with the system
  • 38 - Date and time must be displayed in the current locale
  • 39 - Support daylight saving time bi-annual hour changes
  • 40 - Support leap years date adjustment automatically
  • 70 - App has to display the current batch/lot currently being worked on
  • 71 - App has to display the current equipment being worked if applicable
  • 83 - Ability to use app to complete a process step with signature
  • 296 - Prompt for, verify and capture an e-signature as part of a step execution if an e-signature is required in the step's configuration
  • 352 - All tracking history information must be retained for historical review and analysis for a configurable retention period
  • 827 - Ability to capture data during App execution and identify the data with the version of the App that was used and its status in the workflow. ie. be able to identify if data was generated during App testing, review or approved states.
The app "Record Data Integrity (RDI, ER/ES)" is already created.

The analytics on step "827" have been created. One counts the number of completions on the development version, and the other on the most recent published version.