App & Solution Qualification

Verify the validity of the following:
  • 12 - Ability to assign and notify multiple users for a given approval workflow of all content.
  • 16 - Manage the release to use of master definition and model based on approval status
  • 49 - Provide a managed way to configure and maintain Apps including creating, copying, editing, making obsolete, and deleting.
  • 52 - Apps require a review and approval by people with appropriate authority before they are published for use in production
  • 53 - Provide configurable version control of Apps and their components
  • 827 - Ability to capture data during App execution and identify the data with the version of the App that was used and its status in the workflow. ie. be able to identify if data was generated during App testing, review or approved states.
  • 850 - Ability to test Apps in production execution during the development and review process.
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