Verify the following URS's:
  • 94 - Ability to view material dispatching lists in a content.
  • 95 - Ability to view material information for a batch/lot in an App. Information includes all material as part of a material hierarchy, ie. cohort, plate, well, etc.)
  • 96 - Ability to view batch/lot dispatching lists in content
  • 136 - BOM shall include definition of quantities and UOM for each BOM element
  • 178 - Provide a configurable multi-level material tracking for batch, lot, plate/tray, well, unit, flask.
  • 179 - Ability to assign material properties to any level of the material tracking hierarchy
  • 363 - Ability to track and maintain forward and backwards batch/lot and material genealogy at all level of the material tracking hierarchy. Ie view, analyze and query material genealogy
  • 844 - Ability to transfer or send history records to external system of record. Record can be transferred in their entirety at the completion of a process or in parts as steps in the process are completed
The app "Hierarchy" has been created:

The Tables *Hierarchy Master List and *Hierarchy Child Table have been created and populated with some values