Tracking and Monitoring

Verify the Following URS's:
  • 249 - Provide the ability to print the material history record
  • 303 - Ability to track batch/lot and material rework based on the Master Recipe or material workflow configuration.
  • 309 - Ability to track use of one source material or load-carrier used for multiple orders Eg. bulk material that is used for different products.
  • 317 - Ability to track multiple dispensing of the same material continuously for different work orders or batches/lots as part of a campaign
  • 337 - Ability to track material consumption in a process step. Material consumption may include processing, assembly, weighing, dispensing, etc.
  • 354 - Ability to track material association to work order and production order at all levels of material tracking hierarchy
  • 357 - Ability to track material consumption and use at all levels of the material tracking hierarchy.
  • 388 - Ability to track material inventory and its physical location.
  • 389 - Ability to track material movement history. Ie. path of material in the production process
  • 390 - Ability to track materials associations using the material tracking model. Ie. track physical material in tray location, trays in batches (Cohorts).
  • 392 - Ability to track materials handled in load-carriers.
  • 393 - Ability to track loading of material to a load-carrier and its location within the load carrier. Ie. material in a well, plate, flask, tank, tote, etc.
  • 394 - Ability to track unloading of material from a load-carrier
  • 405 - Ability to manage and track material consumption as part of a process step. Material consumption may include processing, weighing, dispensing, etc.
  • 407 - Ability to track of material waste and scrap as part of the production process execution.
  • 427 - Ability to track material attributes during production operations with associated capabilities to browse their history and their trending e.g. temperature, assays, etc.
  • 463 - Ability to browse (view and display) forward and backwards batch/lot and material genealogy at all level of the material tracking hierarchy.

The app "Tracking & Monitoring" exists -

The Tables *Hierarchy Master List, *Work Orders, *Temperature Check, and *Materials all exist and have some records in them (based off of the tables in