HTTP Connectors : 03 - OAuth 2 Admin/Operator

Verify that a connector function can authenticate using OAuth 2 for both (Admin) and (Operator).
OAuth 2 (Operator) has each operator use their own authentication.
OAuth 2 (Admin) has each operator use the same general authentication.
The app "Connectors Testing" exists and its associated connectors are setup correctly. Link to the app

Additionally the following connection details are set up. Link to connector the app uses

Must have a Tulip email account.

Connection Details
Authentication Type = Create one with "OAuth 2 (Admin)" and one with "OAuth 2 (Operator)" - this can be done in a single connector if you utilize multiple environment settings
Authorization Code URL =
Access Token URL =
Scope =
Client ID and Secret = setup/found up by going to "" with your Tulip Account and selecting an "OAuth 2.0 Client ID" that matches your instance.