Signature Widget : 02 - Signee options and variables

The objective is to verify the following properties of the electronic signature widget:
  • Widget only accepts signatures from the user or user group specified in the signee option when ran in player (or dev mode)
  • All types of variables can be linked to a signature and can be found in the completions
  • Table records can be linked to the signature and can be found in the completions

Additionally the following user requirements are fulfilled by this widget:
  • 809 - Signatures need to have accurate date and time stamp
  • 815 - Provide an unalterable and enduring link between records and their associated electronic signatures; they cannot be removed, changed, copied, transferred or deleted.
  • 816 - The manifestation of an electronic signature should contain the user's full name, date & time, meaning of signature human readable format; the record itself should contain these elements.
  • 818 - If more than one signature is required the electronic signature shall capture the role of each signatoree. Eg. trainer, verifier, co-signer, etc.
This tests expects the following to be true:
  1. You are able to log into as an Account owner
  2. You have access to the Tulip 1password account
  3. You have basic understanding of Tulip terminology
  4. You need to have access to the "Completions Testing" app here.
If you are doing this QA not on you will need to have different credentials and change all base urls
To https://<your instance>