Record Placeholder

A record placeholder is the representation of a Tulip Table entry inside of the trigger editor. When an entry is loaded into a record, all fields in the record are set as the values in the Tulip Table entry as they were at the time the record was loaded. The record interface allows users to insert, update, or delete entries in a Tulip Table. A record has an associated Tulip Table, and the record can not modify values in other Tulip Tables than its associated Table.


TableThe Tulip Table from which the record can load values and into which the Tulip Table can store values.
PlaceholderThe name of the record as it will appear inside the trigger editor.


The following are possible actions a user can perform with a record.

Load RecordGiven a record name (placeholder) and a text identifier, a user may load the values that correspond to the text identifier from a Tulip Table into a record.
Clear Record FieldsGiven a record name (placeholder) a user may clear the record, making all fields blank.
Create RecordGiven a record, a user may save that data into the corresponding Tulip Table, therefore creating a new entry in the Tulip Table or updating an existing one.
Delete RecordGiven a text identifier, a user may delete a record, removing the entry that corresponds to the record in the associated Tulip Table.
Create or Load RecordIf an ID does not exist in the table yet, create it and create a new row, otherwise, load the existing row with that ID
Clear Record PlaceholderRemove the connection between a record placeholder and a record. The placeholder will now be empty


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