Camera Configuration


The interface for defining a Camera Configuration.


  • Users can create Regions by clicking and dragging a box on the camera image.
  • Users can create Detectors by selecting a Region and clicking Create Detector


  • A Region Name and Description can be edited by selecting the region and clicking Edit Details from the ... menu.
  • Station assignments can be edited by clicking Edit Assignment
  • A Detector can be made active or disabled by switching the toggle button for each Detector.
  • A Detector can be edited by selecting a Region and changing the fields for a detector. Refer to Detector for details on the specific Detector fields that can be modified.


  • A user can view the Station Assignment, Name and Description without camera access at a station. These fields, plus all others, can be viewed once a Station has granted access to a Camera.


  • Camera Configurations cannot be deleted from this page.
  • Regions can be deleted by selecting the region and clicking the Trash Can icon below the Region.
  • Detectors cannot be deleted from this page or removed from the Camera Configuration.



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User Permissions

Refer to User Role for details on who can interact with a Camera Configuration.


QA-T30303: Assign Camera to a Physical Camera
QA-T30406: Create, Edit, and Delete a Region
QA-T30605: Camera feed in Factory behaves of in low bandwidth scenarios
QA-T30809: User permissions get checked when viewing video
QA-T31004: Video stream is shown
QA-T39410: Test Snapshot Feature with regions


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