App Permission

In Tulip, user's permissions to edit apps are set on a per app basis by the app owner(s).

When a user creates an app, they are by default the only App Owner. All other user roles have view-only access. Owners can assign other individual users, or all users, one of four permissions:

  • Is owner - can manage permissions, publish, and edit. (There can be more than one Owner)
  • Can publish - can create a new published version of the app (note, if approvals are turned on this will kick off the approval workflow instead of publishing directly). Publishers can also edit.
  • Can edit - users can make changes to the development version of an application.
  • Can view - users can open the application in the step editor, but cannot modify it.

Users can modify these settings on the “Permissions” tab for a specific application.


Name Description
Permission type One of "Is owner", "Can publish", "Can edit" or "Can View"
User ID The unique identifier of the person assigned the permission
App ID The unique identifier of the app given the permission


QA-T325Apps Page : 07 - App Permissions


47Manage access to system administration and maintenance functions to users with appropriate privileges
114The user model includes ability to define access control to all elements of the system including libraries, administration, transactions, functions, apps, integrations, analytics, reporting, etc.c
854Creation, change, and cancellation of access authorizations should be recorded.