Release Notes


This page provides a list of merged product improvements between the LTS 4.0 release and the LTS 5.0 release.

"Release Notes" document each new improvement in functionality in the Tulip product.

It exhaustively documents changes to:

  • The Tulip product i.e.

It provides partial documentation for:

  • The Tulip Player

It does not include documentation on:

  • The Tulip IoT Gateway
  • Tulip Vision

Here's an explanation of each column below.

Unique ID: The unique ID of the pull request where this functionality was merged into the product

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. Ie r199

PR Title: A short summary of the change that was made.

Release Notes: A few sentences that describe the change.

Type of Change: Chosen from one of three options-

Feature Enhancement: A new capability within an existing feature that will not affect the functionality in published apps

New Feature: An entirely new feature with functionality independent of all existing features. Will not affect published apps.

Changes Production Apps: A new feature that could affect the behavior of existing published apps

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the changes are reflected. In many cases, Product Specs will not be updated due to bug fixes or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

User Requirements: The URS numbers that this relates to (and links to those pages)

Unique IDReleasePR TitleRelease NotesType of ChangeImplemented ByUser Requirements
5342195Machine Monitoring: Add custom activity fields for each machine typeAllows you to store the machine that was in use during a run of an app in a Tulip Table. Also, add custom activity fields to Machine Activity History.New FeatureM_MACH_MACT, M_MFLD, M_MTYP236, 239
5248195Machine Monitoring: New metadata for OPC data mappingQuality of OPC UA tags can now be used for mapping to Machine Attributes.Feature EnhancementM_MACH234, 342
5218195Row index for interactive table widgetAdd an option on the Interactive Table to display a row index (yes/no)Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET(none)
5240195Display full body of error message for testing connector functionsYou can now see the full body of error messages while testing connector functions in the connector function UI.Feature EnhancementR_CONN_FUNC42
5190195Week Number Analytics field in AnalyticsYou are now able to filter analytics based on a week number (0-52)Feature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS242, 465
5174195Filter analytics results by last 60 minutesYou can now filter analytics results by last 60 minutes.Feature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS242, 465
5231195RGB() and RGBA() expression editor functionsConvert numbers or integers into the "color" data type and store in variables or tables.Feature EnhancementM_EXPRESSION(none)
5156195Updated IP addresses when importing CSVDisplays a better list of IP addresses that need to be allowlisted before successfully importing CSVsFeature EnhancementR_TBLE(none)
5232195Sum Array expression in Expression EditorSum all contents of an integers, intervals, or numbers arrayFeature EnhancementM_EXPRESSION(none)
5118195Search function in Variable Modal in App EditorUse this search box to search through the list of all variables within an appFeature EnhancementR_APPE(none)
5445196Update settings page designUpdate and unify the design of settings pages.Feature EnhancementR_SACC(none)
5535196New field type: "Table Links" column in TablesEnables the "Table Links" functionality for all customers, which allows you to link table records togetherNew FeatureM_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD463
5147196New field type: Video URL in TablesYou can now upload videos within the "Video" field type in Tables, and then embed them in an app so that operators can play the video.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD148
5392196Hide "Connector Environments" dropdown in Developer Mode by defaultNow, an Account Owner must manually enable the functionality to allow users to access "test" and "production" connector environments. They are not available by default.Feature EnhancementR_DEVM, R_SDEV(none)
5364196Support multiple domains within an LDAP configurationNow you can use multiple domains in the Active Directory + Tulip integrationFeature EnhancementS_AUTH26
5690198Make record placeholder table dropdown searchableWhen adding a record placeholder, add the ability to make the Table dropdown searchable.Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_RECD(none)
5797199Allow apps to be opened from a URLNow, the Player can be launched in a browser as well via the "Run" button, not just in the downloadable Electron PlayerFeature EnhancementS_PLAYER(none)
5808199Remove the Cut/Copy/Paste buttons in menuThese buttons in the Widget Bar of the App Builder had been deprecated a long time ago and no longer worked. Now, they have been removed from the UI.Feature EnhancementR_APPE(none)
5617199Better timeout error messages while testing connector functionsWhen a connector function times out while in testing, it now gives an error message with notice of the timeout rather than a generic error messageFeature EnhancementR_CONN_FUNC42
5796199Tie a Boolean Input Widget directly to a record placeholder field valueYou can now tie the boolean input widget to directly update a boolean field in a table record, rather than using a variable as an intermediary.Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET91
5746199Add option to send OAuth 2.0 token in query params or request bodyYou can now send data in the TokenURL as either query params or in the request body.Feature EnhancementM_CONN_ENV(none)
5551198Add application barcode generatorBarcodes can be created and displayed in the Player using the Barcode Widget.New FeatureM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET(none)
5669199Add datetime data type support for connector function outputsBetter handling of datetime data types coming from external servicesFeature enhancementM_CONN_FUNC63
5806200Extend number of triggers that can be executed in a row on Apps@Edge infrastructurePreviously, only 30 triggers could be executed in a row. Now, 100 triggers can be executed in a row. Both before and after, a warning is shown to the operator when the number of triggers in a row hits the limit. This is especially relevant with "looping" behavior.Changes Production AppsM_TRIG(none)
5853200Updated API endpoint: Multiple sortsYou can now use multiple sorting functions when making a request to the Tables APIFeature enhancementM_BOTS(none)
5948201Add descriptions to connector functionsAdd a text field for each connector function to describe its useNew FeatureM_CONN_FUNC459
6010201Wrap long SQL connector queriesImproves the UI of long SQL queries to wrap instead of horizontally scroll.Feature enhancementR_CONN_FUNC(none)
5803201Connect input widgets to table recordsText, number, single select, camera, and datepicker input widgets can now access table record data.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET91
5903200Better handling of null returns from HTTP connector functions.Previously, when a connector function returned null in a value that is tied to an output, it would throw an error. Now, this is no longer considered an error, and the rest of the trigger can continue to execute if there is a null response to a connector function within a trigger.Changes Production AppsM_CONN_FUNC836
5952200Developer Mode: New feature for testing appsThe Developer Mode feature allows you to test apps in the same browser where you are running the App Builder. It does not require you to use the Player.New FeatureR_DEVM850
6546201Add Table Query functionalityAdds table queries to Tulip Tables. Allows you to centrally define queries and run aggregations on values within them.New FeatureM_TABLE_QUERY94, 96, 277, 289, 396
6032201Timers can pull from interval valuesProcess and step timers can be initialized from interval variablesFeature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET150
6008201Add isIn filter to tables APIAdded "isIn" filter to the filter functions API for Tulip Tables.Feature enhancementM_BOTS(none)
5634201Open document in external program through triggerAdds trigger support for opening a file in an external program in the Player.Feature enhancementM_TRIG100, 836
6044201Export users to CSVAdds support to export a user table to CSVNew FeatureR_SUSR806
6070202New functionality in the Machine Status widgetImprove formatting and presentation of Machine Status Widget.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET71
5949202New type of SQL connector: SnowflakeAdded compatibility with Snowflake DB to SQL connectorsFeature enhancementM_CONN836
6440202Image Widgets: New default behavior to NOT open in fullscreen on clickPreviously, image widgets defaulted to opening in full screen when pressed in the Player. Now, all new image widgets will default to no click action. Does not affect existing widgets.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET(none)
6303202New feature: Shareable StationsYou can now allow operators to authenticate their devices without the help of an administrator using the Shareable Stations feature- single use links to authenticate new stations.New FeatureM_STAT378
6146202New functionality in the Machine Timeline widgetChanged name of Machine Uptime to Machine Timeline. Minor format and presentation clean up.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET71
6194202Barcode scanner support on Android, iOS and Developer Mode (under feature flag)If this feature flag is enabled, you can scan barcodes on iOS, Android and within Developer Mode within apps.New FeatureM_TRIG391
6416204New Expression Editor functions: Standard deviation of arrayAdd 2 new expression editor functions that allow you to calculate the standard deviation of an array of numbers, integers or intervalsFeature enhancementM_EXPRESSION190
6530204More improvements to Machine Timeline widgetAccount settings for time format now apply to Machine Timeline.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET345
6388204Ability to print multiple steps that contain images at oncePreviously, you could not print multiple steps at a time that contained images.Feature enhancementS_PLAYER814
6511204Improvements to the Record History widget: Hide Old Values and print button visibilityAdd option to app builder to hide previous values in the Record History widget.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET244
6467204Improved filtering of dynamic Analytics and Interactive TablesYou can now filter dynamic analytics and interactive tables based on field values in a loaded record, rather than needing to store them in a variable.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET94
6473204Exports of apps now include Table Analytics as wellWhen you export an app with the intention of importing it to another site, it now includes analytics that reference a Tulip Table. All tables referenced by these analytics are also included.Feature enhancementM_APP851
6458204Master Layout now at bottom of Steps List in App Summary ViewNow, the Master Layout is the last clickable item on the list of steps in the Apps Summary View. It used to be the first.Feature enhancementR_APPO(none)
6504204"Is In" filter for Interactive TablesAdd new 'is in' filter to Table Queries and Embedded Tables to allow arrays and Table Links to be used as inputs.Feature enhancementM_TABLE_QUERY(none)
6446203Machine events APIAdds an endpoint to report machine events directly to Tulip.New FeatureM_MACH234, 342
6413203App export speed improvementSubstantially increases the speed for app export, which is particularly noticeable for larger apps.Feature enhancementR_APPO851
6415203Improve UI for restoring appsRemoves the trash can icon for restoring apps, and adds a an option to see restored apps (even if no apps are present) in the menu.Feature enhancementR_APPG804
6711205Add trigger to reset all app variables to defaultAdds a new data manipulation trigger to reset all app variables to their defaultsNew FeatureM_TRIG(none)
6731205Add trigger to save all app dataAdds a new trigger that will generate a new completion, saving app data, while clearing steps and formsNew FeatureM_TRIG, M_APP_VER_COMP800, 802, 804, 806, 809, 827, 830, 831, 62, 238, 465, 248, 249, 21, 41, 42, 72, 259, 267, 292, 293, 348, 349, 351, 356, 427, 900
6707205Add trigger to clear all record placeholdersAdds a new table record trigger to clear all table record placeholders, leaving app variables unaffected.New FeatureM_TRIG(none)
6736205Add link to in expression editor tooltipMakes the link clickable in the expression editor tooltip.Feature enhancementM_EXPRESSION(none)
6739205Increases player registration speedImproves the loading speed of the player registration page.Feature enhancementS_PLAYER(none)
6740205Increased speed in player and app editorOptimized data syncing to increase speed of data being shown in the Player or EditorFeature enhancementS_PLAYER, R_APPE(none)
6733205Add table placeholder machinesAdds option to pick table placeholder machines as machine for machine widgetsFeature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET(none)
6720205Improve table link text renderingUpdated the UI for table links, making the data appear clearer and more intuitive.Feature enhancementR_TBLE, R_APPE(none)
6729205Add option to not save a placeholder on completionAdds an option to record placeholders that prevents the placeholder from being saved on completion.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_RECD(none)
6703205Adds new player site setting to logout the operator when the app is closedAdds a new site setting, "Logout user when Player app is closed," which logs out the operator when the player's app is closed.New FeatureR_SPLS35
6450205Improve expression editor for state value text valuesReplace expression editor for static value text values, improving editor performanceFeature enhancementM_TRIG(none)
6696205Rename array function "Add after index in Array"Renames the "Add after index in Array" function to make it more understandable, changing it to "Insert at index in Array"Feature enhancementM_TRIG(none)
6685205Improve performance for rendering attributes timeline on machine pageThe Machine Library Timeline Page has performance enhancement to speed up loading and to ensure it contains all expected data.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET345
6612205Adds "Is In" filter to table queriesAdds a new filter to check if something exists in a table.Feature enhancementM_TABLE_QUERY(none)
6604205Add Chinese and Polish translationsUpdates translations and adds Chinese and Polish to TulipFeature enhancementM_USPR840
6718205Improve printing layoutAdjust header when printing for better layout.Feature enhancementS_PLAYER814
6644205Remove "date" and "time" widgets from form stepsDate and time widgets are not supported by any other part of the platform, so the widgets have been removed, preventing users from creating new ones.Feature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_FORM_INPUT816
6705205Filter by field valueAllow to filter by field value in the Record History widget.New FeatureM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET462
6702205Allow sorting from most to least recentAllow sorting from most to least recent in the Record History widgetFeature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET462
6695205Add "only signed completions" filterAdd a toggle in the Record History widget to include only signed app completionsNew FeatureM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET462
6671205Improve archived columns in history recordAdded visual depiction that a column has been archived to Record History widgetFeature enhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET462
6665205Filter by table step name, field name and userEnable to filter Record History widget by table field name and userNew FeatureM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET462
6630205Add Process data filterAdded toggle to Record History widget sidebar to filter process data from widget.New FeatureM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET462
6526205Changed deleted to archived fields on tables pageChanged 'deleted fields' to 'archived fields' on table pageFeature enhancementR_TBLE806
6350203Remove custom asset upload to Asset LibraryRemoves the ability for users to upload images to the Asset Library.Feature enhancementR_APPE81