Bug Fixes

This page provides a list of merged bug fixes between the LTS 4.0 release and the LTS 5.0 release.

Unique IDReleasePR TitleRelease NotesImplemented By
5234195Multiple single selects now show the correct value when choosing the same value in two separate dropdowns on the same stepPreviously, if you selected the same value in two separate dropdowns, the second dropdown would not show that the value was successfully chosenM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
5285195Fix system dialog printingFix bug with printing using the system dialog actionM_TRIG
5258195Fix bugs displaying variables in Developer ModeFixes bugs that affect how variables are displayed in Developer ModeR_DEVM
5224195Fix table counts bug in Developer ModeFixes a bug that displayed the incorrect number of records in Developer Mode after updating a record.R_DEVM
5413195Default variable value can now be successfully changedPreviously, after setting a default variable value, it could not be changed later in some casesM_APP_VER_VAR
5466195Successfully handle device outputs for accounts that are not on Apps@edgeA bug had been previously introduced that prevented some device outputs from being successfully referenced in apps for Tulip accounts not on apps@edgeM_TRIG
5207195Fix refreshing machine monitoring pageFix bug that prevented the machine monitoring page from showing up after it has been refreshedR_MLIB
5449195Fix the copy/paste behavior around step/app triggersStep and app triggers were not being pasted correctly after they were copiedM_TRIG
5214195Improve error handling in machine editorCertain errors would prevent a new machine from being created. This makes it easier to create machines and shows more helpful errors.R_MLIB
5080195Fix LDAP group connection to Tulip rolesWhen customers attempted to use the LDAP script to allow users to sign in with LDAP credentials, the script only worked for certain roles when mapping to Tulip.S_AUTH
5136195Allow users to change the click action for embedded imagesPrevious, you were unable to toggle between custom triggers/ showing image on fullscreen / none after embedding an image.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
5581196Fixed user attribution for record creation events in Record History WidgetThere was a bug where record creation events were being attributed to "Deleted User" rather than the actual user that created them.M_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET
5505196Only update Analytics when they are actively being viewedPreviously, analytics were being updated regardless of whether users were viewing them. Now, they are updated just when users need to see the latest changes.R_DASH
5390196Fix LDAP login errorsLogin errors, such as with a deactivated account, no longer de-registers the player.S_AUTH
5552197Drop remaining step open triggers if a transition occursFixes a bug to ensure transitioning in a step open trigger drops remaining step open triggers.M_TRIG
5567197Table widget hides when searching with special charactersFixes a bug where the table widget search window closes if searching for a table that starts with a special character, such as "* "R_APPE
5456197More reliable tooltips when hovering over Analytics in the PlayerWhen you are viewing Analytics in an app running in the Player, tooltips now appear above data points more reliably when hovering with a mouse on a desktop.S_PLAYER
5510197Make sure all filters appear when editing a Machine Analysis in an appWhen you are attempting to edit a machine analysis, you now see the full list of possible filters.R_APPE
5575197Connectors fail without logged in userFixes a bug that prevented a connector from running when a user isn't logged in.R_DEVM
5517197Fixing importing behavior for tables with table links column.Previously, you could not successfully import an app that referenced a table with a "Linked Record" column type. Now, that behavior is fixed.M_TABLE
5584197Remove shop floor page in settingsFixes a bug where a new "Shop Floor" page showed up in settings, although wasn't functionalR_SACC
5458197Improve Tulip icon on dark backgroundsOn dark background, the Tulip favicon is easier to see in browser tab(none)
5774199"Run" button in App Builder not working all of the timeSometimes, when users clicked "Run" to run an app as a test, the app would not successfully open in the Player on the same computer. Now, it will.R_APPE
5839199Working Days unable to be updatedIt was impossible to change the list of working days, which impact analytics. Now, they can be successfully changed again.R_SWRK
5729199Signature Forms not successfully stored in record when app is cancelledBefore, when you cancelled the run of an app, the signature values were not successfully stored. Now, they are successfully stored.M_APP_VER_COMP
5592198Images accessible from CSV export for Azure instancesAllows image links hosted in Azure to be downloadable when added into a CSV export file.M_APP_VER_COMP
5612198Form trigger copyingAdded ability to allow users to copy form triggers in the app editor.M_APP_VER_STEP_FORM
5639198Fix date format for form date pickerFixed issue where the date picker did not work for selecting a date.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
5692198Support printing in Developer modeFixed bug that prevented printing in Developer Mode.R_DEVM
5816199Machine Widgets in Player show negative timeMachine widgets were showing negative time due to a timezone issue. Now, they will always show positive times due to a fix in the timezone issue.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
5830199Connector functions now support text inputs + outputs againA bug in the previous release prevented users from adding new inputs and outputs of data type "text "R_CONN_FUNC
5694198Fix "Record exists" condition in triggers in Developer ModeFixed an issue where the "Record exists" or "Record does not exist" trigger conditions did not work in Developer ModeR_DEVM
5689198Fix printing steps out of orderFixes a bug that printed steps out of their correct order.M_TRIG
5638198Fix date range filters for machine and table analysesFixes a bug where the "Yesterday" filter was not working properly.M_ANALYSIS
5781199Improve loading time of the Expression EditorThe expression editor became slow when there were many machines on an account. It now works faster in that case.M_EXPRESSION
5672198Fix error in embedded analyticFixes analytic filters for table fields and variables.R_APPE
5767199Table links relationship with another table gets reversed after creating the fieldAfter creating a table field with data type "Linked Record ", the relationship would occassionally get reversed ie one-many becomes many-one. It now behaves consistently with the user intention.M_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD
5668198Fix text overflowing table cellFixes an issue where multiline table cells were overflowing into other cells.R_TBLE
5793199Add scrolling behavior to Approval Types pageNow the Approval Types page within Account Settings scrolls appropriatelyR_SAPT
5758199Table analytics do not work with table with linked record columnPreviously, Table Analytics did not work when a referenced table had a "Linked Record" column. Now, they work correctly.M_ANALYSIS
5492198Fix trigger logic for the "Set State" triggerFixes an issue where the "Set state" trigger wasn't following the correct documented logic.M_TRIG
5498198Fix triggers from executing out of orderFixes a bug where triggers in a list would executed out of the order specified in the UI.M_TRIG
5660198Handle null voltage case in analyticsFixes an bug that where the ADC voltage change becomes null.M_APP_VER_COMP
5784199Wrong notifications being shown in Player while printingPreviously, when printing an app, the "App Canceled" notification would be shown. That is now fixed and the correct notification is shown.S_PLAYER
5745199Could not open shared dashboards in incognito browsersYou would get an error message when attempting to open shared dashboards in incognito browsers. Now, that is fixed.R_DASH
5697198Allow copying machine type againFixes a bug where copying a machine type would crash the pageR_MTYPS
5989201Fix Cancel button on HTTP connector modalAdd functionality so the Cancel button clears out the inputted values in the HTTP connector modalR_CONN
5898200Opening the Player in the browser via the URL has a long delayThere was a 10 second delay when opening the Player in the browser via a URL. Now, that delay is gone.S_PLAYER
5924200The Shop Floor page now has better performance with many stationsPreviously, the page would freeze and crash with too many stations.R_STAT
5999201Resize connector editor when window changes sizeThe connector editor will now change in size when the browser window is resized.R_CONN_FUNC
5940200Fixing text wrapping in connector function and machine name fieldsPreviously, if a machine or connector function name was long, the text would push away other buttons. Now, the name is wrapped so that the UI does not change.R_CONN_FUNC
5878200Table analytics now use the account-wide time for "Today" filterPreviously, when attempting to filter a Table analysis, the "Today" filter was based on UTC. Now, it is based on the timezone of the account.M_ANALYSIS
5923200Allow more characters in connector function namesPreviously, connector function names did not allow parentheses and other special characters. Now, they allow them.M_CONN_FUNC
5267200When a new machine type is created, starts in "Edit" mode by defaultPreviously, when you created a new machine type, you would need to explicitly press "Edit" in the top right to begin editing. Now, it will automatically start in "Edit" mode.R_MTYP_DET
6053201Prevent unnamed SQL connector functions from being savedFixes an issue where unlike HTTP connector functions, SQL were able to be saved without a name.R_CONN_FUNC
6064201Duplicated databases showing errors for machine monitoringEnsures imported machines do not leak events in machine monitoring pipelineM_MACH
5904200Embedded Table not showing all records that match conditionA bug from the previous release prevented all records from being shown appropriately in the Interactive Table. Now, that bug is fixed.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
6009200Memory leak from Analysis running in the PlayerFixed a memory leak caused by analytics being displayed on the screen for too long.S_PLAYER
6015200Player menu not appearing in certain cases on WindowsFixed a case where Windows users of the Player were not able to successfully open the menu in the Player.S_PLAYER
6104201Fix Windows player scrolling in machine uptime widgetFixes an issue where Windows players were unable to scroll to select options within the machine uptime widget.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
6214201Fixes sorting tables with table linksFixes an issue where sorting was not working for tables with link columnsR_TBLE
6162202Allow connector function descriptions to be clearedPreviously, after adding a description to a connector function, it was not possible to deleted the description. Now you can successfully delete the description.R_CONN_FUNC
6174202Fix connection between machines, gateways and apps when an operator logs out of the Player and then logs back inPreviously, if you logged out of the Player, then logged back in and opened an app that referenced machines or gateways, the machines and gateways would occasionally fail to communicate with the new run of the app.S_PLAYER
6161202Ability to save connector function description changes in all casesPreviously, you could not save updates to your connector function descriptions in some cases.R_CONN_FUNC
6202202Fixed color palette not updating appropriately in all casesPreviously, the color palette would not make all colors available in apps in some cases.M_CLRS
6232202Fixed timer widget displaying incorrect colorsPreviously, the timer turned the wrong color when the count hit 0.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
6266202Successfully show LTS version in Account SettingsPreviously, if you were using an LTS release, the LTS version number would not properly appear in the Account Settings page.R_SACC
6215202Developer Mode cannot update the User TablePreviously, you could update values in the User Table from Dev Mode. Now, you cannot.R_DEVM
6582204Improvements to table update performance within appsNow, when you have a trigger that updates many columns in a table, the update will happen more quickly when running an app in the Player.M_TRIG
6556204Better reliability when updating table records from multiple sourcesPreviously, when you updated a table record from multiple places at the same time, it would not successfully update in some cases. Now, it should successfully update every time.M_TRIG
6586204Reliable behavior when adding new stations after enabling Apps@Edge on an accountThis fixed a small bug where you were not able to add new stations immediately after enabling the Apps@Edge feature flag.R_STAT
6401203App table query filter with null parametersFixes an issue where adding a table query containing a static "null" or "not null" filter would cause the side panel of the app builder to crash.R_APPE
6314203Make sign out button visible on navy backgroundsChanged the color of the sign out button when the background is dark, as it is tough to see depending on the background.C_MENU
6177203Printing app editor sets app info variable to deletedFixes a bug where printed app editor steps would show "Deleted Variable" for app info.S_PLAYER
6372203Fix alignment of role hint in add user modalThe tooltip for the role dropdown in the add user modal was aligned incorrectly, so this fixes the alignment to the left.R_SUSR
6384203Fix printed margins in history recordsFixes an issue where printed history records had extra-large, unnecessary margins.M_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET
6398203Allow Japanese characters to be used in table column namesFixes a bug that prevented table columns from being created with Japanese characters.M_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD
6407203Disable driver configuration page if not on WindowsDrivers are only enabled for Windows players, so the configuration page is now disabled for non-Windows players.S_PLAYER
6726205Fix Last N Working Days analytics filtersFixes an issue that prevented the Last N Working Days analytics filter from showing data.M_ANALYSIS
6719205Scaling issues when resizing imagesFixes an issue where players that are in portrait mode show resized images in poor quality.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
6648205Timezone inconsistency for variable widgetFixes an issue where the variable widget showing datetime variables will have a different timezone (depending on the user's local time) on the same step.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
6606205Fixes a bug when changing admin role permissionsFixes an issue where swapping from an admin to an owner and back would not persist the latest permissions.R_USPR
6619205Inactivity timeout continues counting when player is closedFixes the inactivity timeout timer to continue counting even when the player is logged out.S_PLAYER
6533205Fixed print button when not selectedIf print selection hasn't been made yet, and it just says 'Select an option', then it will be default to false.M_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET