App Version Completion

A completion log is an append-only list of all "completion" events that occured for a given Tulip App. Each completion contains base fields ( Start Time, End Time, Duration, Logged in User, Station Name, Comments, Step Time, Version) as well fields that change from App to App depending on the steps, variables, and records defined for that App.


Each completion log contains the following fields

Start TimeThe time the App began running.
End TimeThe time when the "Complete" event occured.
DurationThe total time between the start and end time.
Logged in UserThe user that was logged in at the station as the App was running.
Station NameThe name of the station where the completion occured at the time it occured.
Station IDThe unique ID of the station where the completion occured
CommentsAny comments added to the completion.
Step TimeHow long was spent on each individual step.
Step ListA list of all steps and step groups in the app at the time of completion
VersionThe version of the App for which the completion occured.
VariablesThe value, at the time of the completion, for each variable in the App. Each value results in a distinct entry in the completion log.
RecordsThe value, at the time of the completion, for each record in the App. Each record results in a distinct entry in the completion log.
Application NameThe name of the application at the time that the app was completed
Application IDThe unique of the ID of the application where the completion was registered
Execution IDThe unique ID of the completion
CanceledIndicates whether the app was "canceled" in other words, halted before completion after being started. If a run of the app is cancesled, it is not considered in Analyses.


QA-T100Record Placeholders : 06 - Table Data Tab
QA-T108Signature Step : 03 - Signature form should allow any user to submit it when configured so
QA-T109Signature Step : 04 - Signature form should allow only the current user to submit it when configured so
QA-T110Signature Step : 05 - Signature forms should only be submittable a single time per process run
QA-T111Signature Step : 06 - Signature forms should display the user name and timestamp of submission in data exports
QA-T112Signature Step : 07 - Signature widgets should accept username and password in LDAP mode
QA-T207Analytics - Completion Data can be Ignored by Analytics
QA-T328Apps Page : 06 - App Completions Export Data
QA-T389Completions - Parallel Players have separate Completions


21Ability to search, view and report on master data based on tags/labels
41Support the upgrade of all configured information and maintain data integrity when updating or upgrading application software versions.
42Ability to monitor and control data exchange on all interfaces with message and error logging.
62Data from integrations is historized, stored for use in trending and analysis
72App has to display the time elapsed since starting a process step
238Ability to add equipment context to historize time series data
248Ability to define and maintain batch record documentation for regulatory compliance (electronic batch record)
249Provide the ability to print the material history record
259Ability to scan and read auto-id codes generated or used by other other systems and capture their data into the material history record.
267All process execution activities have to be recorded in history log and include the ID of user that is performing the activity and date-time stamp
292Ability for Apps to record completion of a process step with all related information
293Track process execution of the Production Models by Apps
348All material tracking history will include context of the operator performing the activities
349All material tracking history will include context of equipment used in processing
351All material tracking history will include date and time stamps
356All tracked information and logs will be available as part of material and process history records.
427Ability to track material attributes during production operations with associated capabilities to browse their history and their trending e.g. temperature, assays, etc.
465Ability to query history records by any related dimension. Ie. equipment, user, work order, material, time, duration, etc.
800All records shall be Contemporaneous. Data captured should include the date and time of the activity/action
802All records shall be Original; all originally recorded data shall be maintained.
804All records shall be Complete. Records shall include all data related to activity with no deletion or overwriting.
806All records shall be Enduring, ie. store, managed and unalterable for the full retention period.
809All records and electronic signatures have to include an accurate date and time stamp. Date & time stamps shall be configurable with the possibility to include the day, month, year, hour, minutes, seconds and time zone.
827Ability to capture data during App execution and identify the data with the version of the App that was used and its status in the workflow. ie. be able to identify if data was generated during App testing, review or approved states.
830All data changes must be captured in audit trail. Audit trail can be turned off or on GxP needs. This may only be performed by an administrator; it cannot be performed by a user executing an APP.
831Ability to manage an authorized change of Digital History Record with full audit trail
900Equipment & cleaning log - The system must be able to create logs for registration of use, maintenance, calibration & cleaning of equipment and rooms.