Form Step

A Form Step is a step within an app specifically designed to collect input from a user.

Unlike a Regular Step that allows for widgets to be placed in any location, Form Steps follow a more rigid placement. The user can select which widgets to display and their order as well as the number of columns.

Available widgets include:

  • Boolean,
  • Dropdown,
  • Multiselect,
  • Text,
  • Number,
  • Photo,
  • Time,
  • Date

Form Steps also include default buttons for _Submit _and _Cancel. _The user can choose to override the default behavior with customer trigger logic.

Widgets on Form Steps also have options for data validation and can be set to be required or have values in a certain range. The form cannot be submitted unless all validation criteria are met.


Step Name of step as defined by the user
Step Cycle Time Target duration that a step is expected to take when it is run as defined by the user.
Columns Number of columns that will be used to display the widgets on the form step.
Cancel Button Default button for performing cancel actions
Submit Button Default button for submitting the form.
Background The color of the step background
Triggers Collection of triggers that will run on certain events (e.g. On Step Enter, Timer, Machines & Devices, On Step Exit)
Step Resolution The aspect ratio of the step for when it is run in the Tulip Player.
Step Comments Collection of comments that can be added from the app builder or the Tulip Player. Comments cannot be edited and are associated with specific versions of an app.
Notes Freeform text comments that can be used to describe the purpose of a step or additional information.


QA-T346Form Step - Create Form Step
QA-T347Form Step - Running the Form Step


87Content screens can be populated to the extent possible based on context of entered data. Ie. text fields, drop downs for users to selection, etc.
91Ability for content to have text, drop down and check box fields for user input
407Ability to track of material waste and scrap as part of the production process execution.