A "Bot" is a combo of an API key and a secret alphanumeric code that allows anybody to read or write to Tulip's database. It must be manually created by a user with access to the Bots page- there are no "default" bots.

Access is controlled via the API key and secret, and can always be turned off at any point. The "secret" will only be displayed once, when the bot is created.


NameA text value for the user-facing name
ImageAn optional image uploaded by the user
ScopesThe permissions for the bot. Possibilities include: write access for Tables, read access for Tables, write access for users, or all of the above.
API KeyAn automatically generated unique alphanumeric string ID for the bot
SecretA text value that will be required every time the API is called. Revealed once during bot creation, then the user must manually add this key to the service that is calling the Tulip API.
Auth HeaderAn automatically generated text value to be included in the header of requests to the Tulip API
CreatorThe user that created the bot
Create DateThe date that the bot was created
EnabledBoolean value for whether the bot is active or not


QA-T579Bots - Creating, Editing, and Disabling Bots


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