Dashboards are utilized in Tulip to display multiple, live updating analytics to users. Dashboards may be shared widely throughout a user’s organization, can be organized with related analytics, and can be visually formatted in a number of ways.

Dashboards can be shared with users outside of Tulip via a public URL. Any user with Dashboard “editing” permissions can create a public link for viewing the dashboard.

A user can also “stop sharing” the dashboard, which will make the prevent the public link from showing any data.


Name Description
Columns Organizational structures where analytics are added, one above another. Resizable and Rearrangeable.
Analyses Visual displays of information collected from Tulip Apps that comprise dashboards. A dashboard contains many Analyses
Name Title for a Dashboard, generally indicating its content.
Sharing Setting enabling a user to share a public link to a visual dashboard with individuals outside a given Tulip instance.


QA-T362Dashboards Page - Dashboard Management
QA-T363Dashboards Page - Dashboard Sharing


72App has to display the time elapsed since starting a process step
246All tracked information must be available for reporting
247All tracked information must be available for visualization