A Machine contains metadata about a machine and a collection of mappings between a Data Source field and a Machine Attribute. A Machine can be used to collect data independently of Apps or can be integrated into one or many Apps. Acts as a digital twin and enables data from physical equipment to be utilized and understood within Tulip. A machine will log data to the Activity History specific to that machine. A Machine cannot be restored after it has been deleted.


IDAuto-generated and unique Id for the Machine
NameUser defined name for the Machine
Machine Data SourceThe Data Source assigned to the machine, not editable after initial save.
StationThe Station where the machine is assigned.
TypeThe Machine Type associated with the machine.
Field MappingsCollection of mappings between a Data Source field and a Machine Attribute.
Deletion StatusA boolean that indicates whether the machine is active or deleted


QA-T113Machine Monitoring : 01 - Machine Editor
QA-T115Machine Monitoring : 03 - Event Editor
QA-T117Machine Monitoring : 09 - Deleting Machine/Machine Attributes
QA-T256Machine Monitoring : 04 - Machine Type
QA-T257Machine Monitoring : 07 - Machine Widgets
QA-T258Machine Monitoring : 08 - App Triggers For Machines
QA-T259Analytics - Machine Analytics
QA-T390Machine Monitoring : 05 - Machine Type Management
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted


157Provide a managed way to configure and maintain definitions of equipment models including creating, copying, editing, making obsolete, and deleting.
158Disallow deletion of equipment model definitions that have been used in execution of a work order or material processing
234Ability to send and receive data from legacy equipment or devices
342Ability to automatically capture data from process equipment in fermentation production
346Provide a managed way to capture equipment events during production processing. All events will be logged with cause and timestamp. These events may be - Stop causes, Downtime events, Breakdowns, Repair, Etc.