Machine Activity Field

The definition of a field that can be added as a column to Machine Activity on Machine Types. Definition includes the name, description and behavior when adding new rows to Machine Activity. Machine Activity Fields are managed globally; A Field can be used on 0, 1 or many Machine Types. Deleting a Field is not allowed while in use. Fields cannot be restored after delete.


NameUser defined name for the field
DescriptionUser defined description for the field
Clear on New RowA boolean to indicate if the values held by this field will be cleared automatically when a new row is added to the Machine Activity Table.
TypeThe data type of the attribute, can be Text, Integer, Number, Boolean, Interval, Image, User, Datetime or Color


QA-T256Machine Monitoring : 04 - Machine Type
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted


236Ability to capture time series data from (historize) manufacturing equipment
239Ability to capture (historize) alarm and event information from equipment