Machine State

A combination of color and text to describe the status of a Machine. Machine states can be classified as uptime and used to calculate the availability of a machine. A Machine State can be used on 0, 1 or many Machines Types. Machine States are set exclusively by Machine Triggers and are required for each new row of Machine Activity. Running, Stopped and Idle are provided by Tulip as defaults and cannot be modified or deleted by the user. User can create custom states. Deleting a custom state is not allowed while in use and states cannot be restored after delete.


NameName of state (e.g. 'Running')
ColorColor for the state
UptimeBoolean flag for classifying the state as uptime (i.e. producing value)


QA-T256Machine Monitoring : 04 - Machine Type
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted


71Tulip has to display the current equipment being utilized if applicable
97Visibility to equipment allocation during work order and batch/lot execution to determine future equipment availability during dispatching activities
163The equipment model should have definition of capability, availability, status, and reservations.
169Provide a managed way to configure and maintain a state model for an equipment, equipment group or equipment class with allowed transitions (eg. "running" and "not running" - running state; "clean", "in use", "not clean" - cleaning state)
170Provide a managed way to configure state models so that state models can define definitions of configurable transition rules. The rules may be dependent on equipment status, material attributes, batch.lot attributes, etc.
252Verify equipment is in an appropriate state to begin processing. Eg. clean, calibrated, not already in use, etc.
333Ability to execute processing logic and data collection triggered by equipment state transitions
344Ability to track all equipment status and movement if relevant. Ie. equipment tracking history or equipment logs will contain complete history of activities performed by or on an equipment
345Track current equipment current status and state transitions. State transitions including status before and after transition will be included in the equipment history logs.
346Provide a managed way to capture equipment events during production processing. All events will be logged with cause and timestamp. These events may be - Stop causes, Downtime events, Breakdowns, Repair, Etc.
372Track the real-time status of all equipment instances