Player Device Mapping

The Tulip Player requires specific details to be able to connect with devices on Windows computers. Sometimes, these details are manually input by a Player user, and other times, they are configured by choosing from a list of device drivers within Tulip.

Player Serial NumberThe unique serial number of the device that can use the device mapping
PIDThe PID of the device. It is only required when mapping a barcode scanner
VIDThe VID of the device. It is only required when mapping a barcode scanner
Driver IDA unique driver ID generated by Tulip for each preconfigured driver. Applicable for all devices besides barcode scanners and serial devices
Driver NameA predetermined name for each driver


QA-T135Player: Add custom barcode scanner dialog renders correctly
QA-T137Player: Add custom barcode scanner validation works
QA-T139Player: Adding and removing devices in dialog
QA-T140Player: ensuring Vendor ID and product ID can take hexadecimal values
QA-T141Player: Custom added barcode scanner works with tulip
QA-T214Barcode Scanner on Player
QA-T215Footpedal works with Player
QA-T216Lascar Sensor works with Player
QA-T217RFID works with player
QA-T370Zebra Network Printer Driver works with Player
QA-T371Cognex In-Sight Driver works with Player
QA-T376Digital Caliper works in Player
QA-T392Dymo M10 Scale Works in Player
QA-T408Brecknell Scale works in Player
QA-T415Player: Enable Drivers from Factory Successfully
QA-T416Player: Disable Drivers from Factory Successfully
QA-T431Omega OS-MiniUSB temperature sensor with Player
QA-T433Android Version Release
QA-T441InSize Multichannel Caliper works in Player
QA-T496Stations Page - Player Driver Configuration


No requirements