A Station is used to organize and control access to Tulip Apps that are running in the Tulip Player on laptops, tablets, mobile phones or other devices.

Devices that can run the Tulip Player are called "Display Devices". A Display Device can also be connected to:

  • Barcode scanners and other devices that output as keyboards
  • Edge Devices such as IoT Gateways

A Station allows a Display Device to be "partnered" with an Edge Device so that the pair can communicate.

Users may define which display device may be used to at a Station and which app or group of apps can be accessed from that device. Users can choose which version of an app to make accessible; this could be a specific version or a dynamic selection such as Most Recently Published Version.

In addition, Stations provide a consistent layer of context between apps and devices on the shopfloor. This allows devices to be interchanged when necessary without the need to re-publish an app.


IDA unique identifier of random characters, not editable by user
NameA non-unique identifier, editable by the user
Display DeviceThe display device assigned to the station. One display device per station.
TimezoneThe time zone where the station is physically located.
GatewaysThe Tulip Gateway(s) assigned to the station. Zero, one or many gateways per station.
App AssignmentsList of apps and their specific versions which are available to the users at the station.
OperatorThe user currently logged into the station.
Connected Edge DevicesA list of enabled drivers for edge devices (e.g. Analog Voltage Input, GPIO)
Station GroupA station can be a part of none or one Station Groups
Fired EventsA list of all recent event that have been output by connected edge devices at the gateway at this station
Sharable Link SettingsA boolean value that determines whether this station has a one-time sharable link that can be used by an operator to add a display device to the station. Requires badge ID authentication to use.
Sharable Link StatusA boolean value that determines whether a sharable link is still active (if it is unused)
Sharable Link URLA one time link that can be entered into a computer to authenticate the Tulip Player and create a new display device that is attached to the station
Deletion StatusA boolean that indicates whether the station is active or deleted


QA-T334Stations Page - Player Authorization
QA-T335Stations Page - Station and Station Group Management
QA-T336Stations Page - Station App Configuration
QA-T337Stations Page - Live Preview and Player Control
QA-T534Stations Page - Shareable Station


33Display the current user logged in during any interaction with the system.
38Date and time must be displayed in the current locale
234Ability to send and receive data from legacy equipment or devices
259Ability to scan and read auto-id codes generated or used by other other systems and capture their data into the material history record.
342Ability to automatically capture data from process equipment in fermentation production
378Ability to assign operators to equipment or equipment group at login.