User Status

A user can have one of three statuses:

  1. Invited - The user record has been made in the system, but this user has not accepted their account via the email invitation. The user cannot log in until they have used the welcome email to set up their account
  2. Active - The user currently has the access rights granted by their assigned role.
  3. Inactive - The user record is still in the system, but that user has no access to the system. This occurs when the user has been “deactivated”.


Name Description
Status The name of the status
Time Since Active The amount of time the user has been logged in (if they have an active session), or the amount of time since the last time they logged in.


QA-T5User Management : 02 - Receive welcome e-mail and registration link
QA-T6User Management : 03 - Password Creation for New Admin
QA-T10User Management : 04 - Log in with new admin
QA-T123Group-Restricted LDAP : 05 - Deactivated users should still be able to log in
QA-T174SAML : 03 - Admins should be able to log into Player
QA-T176SAML : 06 - Deactivated users should still be able to log in on SAML
QA-T263User Roles : 04 - Account Owners should be able to deactivate/reactivate users
QA-T333LDAP Tulip Managed : 03 - Deactivated Users can't Log In
QA-T387User Management : 11 - User Deactivation


No requirements