Activity History

The Activity History Page allows a user to see a reverse chronological timeline of Activity Records given a user specified date range. The page also allows for generating a PDF export and CSV download of the data.

Design Specification

  1. Date Range Picker The date range picker can select any continuous range down to a single day. Changing either the start or end date the timeline will refresh the list. The list is capped to 2000 records across that time period. If there are more than 2000 records there will be a notice below the picker telling the user to pick a smaller time range. All activity events are saved in the database, but will not be shown in the Activity History view.

  2. Export Button Clicking the export button brings up a menu to export the currently loaded data as a CSV or PDF.

  3. Day Grouping The audit log is presented in reverse chronological order and grouped by day.

  4. History Record: Avatar The avatar of the user that made the change.

  5. History Record: Name The name of the user that made the change. Hovering over the name brings up a tooltip that shows the user id.

  6. History Record: Description of change The human readable description of the change. Users and artifacts involved are presented as links if there are specific views in Tulip for showing information about that artifact.

  7. History Record: Date of change The date when the change was made.

User Permissions

All Tulip users (not including operators) can view the Activity History. All Activity Records are automatically added.


QA-T126News Feed - Activity History and Activity Records


813All data shall be Attributable; data must be identified to the person who did the data collection. Records shall include information about how the data was acquired, action/activity performed, where and and when