Machine Details


This page allows users to view and edit the definition of a Machine, which includes the machine details and the mapping of Machine Data Source tags to Machine Attributes. Users can also view the Activity History of a machine as defined by the Machine Type.

Model/Page Connections

Configuration Tab



  • A user can create a field mapping between a data source tag and a machine attribute by clicking the '+' in the Field Mappings subheader.


  • A user can edit the machine name, station and type.
  • A user cannot edit the machine data source.
  • A user can change the machine data tag and/or machine attribute for a specific mapping.


  • A user can view a machine's name, the number of machines where used and Last Modified
  • A user can search from the header by name.


  • A user can delete a data mapping.
  • A user can delete a machine from the "..." menu in the header.

Machine Attribute


  • A user can create a new Machine Attribute by clicking '+ Add {attribute type} attribute named "{attribute name}"' while mapping a machine tag. The new attribute will inherit the variable type of the machine tag that is mapped.

Machine Activity Tab

Machine Activity


  • A user can view the log of machine activity.


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User Permissions

Creating, editing or deleting on this page may be restricted by the users role.


QA-T113Machine Monitoring : 01 - Machine Editor
QA-T115Machine Monitoring : 03 - Event Editor
QA-T117Machine Monitoring : 09 - Deleting Machine/Machine Attributes
QA-T256Machine Monitoring : 04 - Machine Type


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