Machine Data Sources


This page allows users to view a list of all Machine Data Sources; view or edit details of a single data source; clone or deactivate a data source; or restore a deactivated data source.

Model/Page Connections

Machine Data Source


  • A user can create a Machine Data Source by clicking Create Connector from the header.


  • A user can edit the fields of a Machine Data Source by clicking the data source name or Edit Details from the "..." menu.
  • A user can clone the Machine Data Source (aka Connector) from the "..." menu.


  • A user can view data source name, description and type
  • A user can view the connection status (i.e. Online, Offline) of the Connector Host and the Connector URL by hovering over the Status badge.
  • A user can view the deactivated connectors by clicking Deleted Connectors from the "..." menu in the header


  • A user can deactivated the Machine Data Source from the "..." menu.


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User Permissions

Creating, editing or deactivating a Machine Data Source may be restricted by the users role.


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