Tulip Player Menu


The Tulip Player Menu allows Player users to navigate between a predetermined list of apps based on the Station where the Player is running.

It includes the following options:

  • Step Comments: Add a comment to the current step that the user is viewing
  • Pause App: Pause the currently running app and resume when ready. The time spent in the app will also pause.
  • Restart App: Cancel the current run of the app and return to the first step.
  • Change App: Cancel the current run of the app and select a new app from the list of avaliable apps determined by the Station

Model/Page Connections

Tulip Player

The user must be using the Tulip Player to access the Player Menu.

App Completion


  • Whenever a user chooses "Restart App" or "Change App" from the Player Menu, the current run of the app will be "canceled" and logged as a canceled run of the app with all values at time of cancellation alongside all other app completions and cancellations

App Version


  • A user can view the first step of any approved version of an app that can be used at the station where the Player is running.

User Permissions

Any user that can access the Tulip Player can also access the Tulip Player menu.


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QA-T218Update to new Version - Test Suite (Refresh, cancel, and update)
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