Settings - Account


This page lets users configure the overall settings for their account, including

  • Account Name: The official Tulip account name
  • Company Logo: The logo that will appear in the Tulip Player. Both light mode and dark mode.
  • Player settings: A list of configurable settings for the Tulip Player
  • Color Palette: A list of colors that will appear in all apps
  • Time Settings: Determines the timestamps that will be used in both the Player and Tulip
  • Approval Types: All possible categories for approvals in apps
  • Network Access: The list of IP addresses that are allowed to use the account
  • Bots: The list of API keys + secrets that can access the Tulip API for this instance.
  • Users: Settings around all Tulip users
  • Developer Mode: Configuration options for Developer Mode

Model/Page Connections


Users can access the following pages from their Account page:

User Permissions

Any user with “view” privileges for account settings can view and edit this page.


QA-T260User Roles : 01 - Account Owners can add other Account Owners
QA-T493Settings Page - Version Verification


No requirements