Settings - SAML Setup


There are multiple ways that a Tulip account can be configured to work with an external identity provider. These options are detailed on the Enterprise Authentication page.

If a Tulip account is configured by a Tulip engineer to utilize a SAML directory for both authentication and authorization of users (called SAML Control Mode), then a user with the Account Owner role will need to use this page to determine which SAML attributes will map to certain Tulip user properties.

This must be done before SAML users are able to successfully log in to Tulip.

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  • This interface allows you authenticate and authorize users in Tulip as soon as they log in with their SAML credentials. All user attributes will be determined by the mapping of SAML attributes to user properties in this interface.


This page can be accessed from:

User Permissions

Only users with "Account Owner" permissions can access this interface.


QA-T292Settings SAML Config : 01 - Form shows an error when a non-SAML file is uploaded
QA-T293Settings SAML Config : 02 - Form shows an error when a non-XML file is uploaded
QA-T294Settings SAML Config : 03 - Upload IdP metadata file
QA-T295Settings SAML Config : 04 - Configure SAML Settings
QA-T298Settings SAML Config : 05 - Test Authentication


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