Settings - Date and Time


This page lets users configure the settings around datetime formatting and timezones.

  • Default Timezone: Determines the timezone in the timestamps that will be used in both the Player and Tulip
  • Custom Datetime Format: Determines the formatting of datetime stamps that are displayed throughout Tulip and the Player.

Users have three options for creating a custom datetime format:

  • Date: How the day, month and year are rendered
  • Time: Whether the clock expresses time in 12 hour intervals or 24 hour intervals
  • Delimiter: The character that separates the day, month and year.

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Any user with “view” privileges for account settings can view and edit this page.


QA-T507Date and Time: 01 - Current Timezone
QA-T508Date and Time: 02 - Default Timezone
QA-T509Date and Time: 03 - Custom Datetime Format


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