Equipment Monitoring

Testing the following URS:
  • 58 - Allow integration of advanced IIoT end-points for interaction with equipment and collaboration with devices
  • 153 - Ability to configure actions for automaton system or equipment alarms by alarm severity
  • 234 - Ability to send and receive data from legacy equipment or devices
  • 239 - Ability to capture (historize) alarm and event information from equipment
  • 333 - Ability to execute processing logic and data collection triggered by equipment state transitions
  • 342 - Ability to automatically capture data from process equipment in fermentation production
  • 346 - Provide a managed way to capture equipment events during production processing. All events will be logged with cause and timestamp. These events may be: Stop causes, Downtime events, Breakdowns, Repair, etc.
  • 371 - Ability to control automated equipment state (start, stop, pause, resume, etc.) during the execution of a process step.
  • 372 - Track the real-time status of all equipment instances
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