Process Error Proofing

Verify all of the following URS's:
  • 73 - Ability for apps to display rich media. ie. audio video
  • 125 - Ability to define conditions to route process between steps in the workflow. These conditions can be based on state change in other steps or time constraints, equipment status, critical alarms, completion of other steps or defined timers.
  • 127 - Disallow completion of work until all required processing steps have been performed. i.e. disallow batch close when there are incomplete processing steps.
  • 253 - Disallow steps from completing until the correct material, material quantity, has been consumed or identified
  • 258 - Ability to complete steps with process values that are not within the predefined limits if appropriate exception/deviation information and approval is entered
  • 295 - Verify that all required data has been entered and collected as prescribed by the step on completion. Disallow to progress on execution path if verification fails
  • 329 - Verify entered data is within configured limit and tolerances as configured in the Master Recipe or material workflow process step, and material model. Allow authorized override of this constraint based on configuration
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