Tulip Documents Overview

Tulip is a platform for building, testing and deploying digital human + machine solutions in industrial and regulated environments. Tulip Documents (Tulip Docs) are visual manifestations of electronically captured data that describe the Tulip product. They are organized in a view that supports the visualization of electronic artifacts that are an output from executing Tulip’s software development life cycle. They are organized into User Requirements and Product Specifications each with links to Testing. This provides an easy to navigate wiki style experience.

The user requirements generally are mapped to:

  • The product specification(s) that describe(s) how the user requirements are met by platform functionality
  • Test cases that demonstrates the user requirements have been successfully met.

Note: Some user requirements are mapped directly to testing, and not product specifications. This may be in the case when a specific use case requires that content is built with groupings of functionality to demonstrate that Tulip meets requirements.

The Product Specifications are mapped to:

  • Functional testing test cases that demonstrate the functionality works correctly.