Release Notes


This page provides a list of merged product improvements between the LTS 5.0 release and the LTS 6.0 release.

"Release Notes" document each new improvement in functionality in the Tulip product.

It exhaustively documents changes to:

  • The Tulip product i.e.

It provides partial documentation for:

  • The Tulip Player

It does not include documentation on:

  • The Tulip IoT Gateway

Here's an explanation of each column below.

Unique ID: The unique ID of the pull request where this functionality was merged into the product

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Release Notes: A few sentences that describe the change.

Type of Change: Chosen from one of three options-

Feature Enhancement: A new capability within an existing feature that will not affect the functionality in published apps

New Feature: An entirely new feature with functionality independent of all existing features. Will not affect published apps.

Changes Production Apps: A new feature that could affect the behavior of existing published apps

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the changes are reflected. In many cases, Product Specs will not be updated due to bug fixes or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

User Requirements: The URS numbers that this relates to (and links to those pages)

Unique IDReleaseRelease NotesType of ChangeImplemented ByUser Requirements
6775206New items in the Activity History show up on topFeature EnhancementM_ACTIVITY800, 813
6792206Machine triggers in apps can now use machine variablesFeature EnhancementM_TRIG, M_APP_VER_VAR103
6771206Add link to library to top menu and when creating a new app.Feature EnhancementC_MENU458, 115
6800206Allow embedding docs in govcloudFeature EnhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
6798206Harmonizes order of selecting id then record placeholder for loading table recordsFeature EnhancementM_TRIG-
6866206Add Tulip U and Community links to welcome emailFeature EnhancementNA (Non-Functional)-
6463206Update field components in table record modalsFeature EnhancementM_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD-
7074207Machine variables can be used for “Last Machine Output” datasourcesFeature EnhancementM_MACH, M_TRIG, M_APP_VER_VAR239, 346
7075207Ensure exporting a connector does not include sensitive secrets and tokensFeature EnhancementM_CONN29
7088207Unusable options are removed in machine-related app triggersFeature EnhancementM_MACH, M_TRIG-
6951207Redo the page error placeholderFeature EnhancementNA (Non-Functional)-
6924207Use increment endpoint to ensure triggers always properly increment table recordsFeature EnhancementM_TABLE_RECORD, M_TRIG804
7175208Update Tulip logo and favicon in Factory, Player, Gateway, and EdgeMCFeature EnhancementNA (Non-Functional)-
7289209Factory: Make trigger and connector timeouts and execution limits configurableFeature EnhancementM_CONN_FUNC, M_TRIG436, 47, 215
7677209Add support for "zin" protocol to player & factory (for DMGM only) with zin: as the allowed prefixFeature EnhancementM_TRIG-
7276209Added image input (allows camera, upload, or both) to non-form steps. This replaces the existing camera input since it includes that in its functionality. Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET86, 85
7367210Allow images to be viewed in full resolution when in full screen mode and printingFeature EnhancementS_PLAYER814
7414210Add a data matrix detector for vision cameras. This is behind a feature flag.Feature EnhancementM_DETECTOR259
7349210Record Gateway RPC and Player events in segmentNA (Non-Functional)-
7306210Include release version in support tickets. Also enable the support form for sysadmins.Feature EnhancementNA (Non-Functional)-
7323210Rounding floating point values in vision detector settings to 2 decimal points.Feature EnhancementM_DETECTOR803
7279210Update SAML attribute mapping with advanced access control.Feature EnhancementS_AUTH26
7319210RTSP connections will attempt re-connection on stream failure.Feature EnhancementM_DETECTOR-
7301210LDAP and SAML users can now set a "Device Password" on their profile page which allows them to authenticate using their email address and this password in Kado to register Tulip Gateways.New FeatureS_AUTH26
7338210Increase maximum number of columns in a table to 200.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE18
7554211Analytics: Rate limit exporting shared analyses to CSV to prevent overloading our serverFeature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS46
7512211Factory: Automatically pull correct LTS info when showing versionFeature EnhancementR_SACC41
7538211Add an option in Tulip Tables to download a dataset of images with annotation for ML purposes. This is behind a feature flag and not available for LTS customers.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE-
7397211CELOS: Improve naming in CELOS auto-provisioningFeature EnhancementM_MACH, M_MTYP372, 346
7761212Tables API: Allow use of updatedAt and createdAt columns in filtersFeature EnhancementM_TABLE242
7671212API Docs: Add isIn as an option for filtersFeature EnhancementM_TABLE465
7624212Page title for Dev Mode is now "Dev Mode" instead of "Player"Feature EnhancementR_APPE-
7631212Add warning color and additional help text to telemetry in vision camera preview pageFeature EnhancementM_DETECTOR-
7909213Remove the onlyVisibleAnalyses feature flag and hard code the intended behavior into the dashboard renderingFeature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS464
7911213Rely on setting up the cached analysis subscription to update analysis cached results, instead of forcing an update when the analysis enters the viewport.Feature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS464
7925213Add feature flag to enable development version of apps to run in validation mode.Feature EnhancementR_DEVM, S_AUTH, M_STAT850
7870213Add station operator roleNew FeatureM_USER_ROLE375
7817213Connector Host now maintains connection to OPCUA server when a single request times outFeature EnhancementM_MDTS371
7799213Update queries endpoint to support updatedAt and createdAtFeature EnhancementM_TABLE_QUERY465
7893213This is the final ticket for workspace v0.0. Workspaces is now available behind a feature flag.New FeatureM_WORKSPACE114
7779213Add shop floor activity feed eventsFeature EnhancementM_ACTIVITY51
7896213Allow users to restore previously published version of a machine. This only applies when versions are enabled for machines, which is controlled by a feature flag and not available to LTS customers by default.Feature Enhancement--
7831213Created At and Updated At are now columns that can be used in filters with table queries and in the interactive table widget. Also, these columns can be added to an interactive table widget. Feature EnhancementM_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET242
7764213Change wording "View table charts" to "View table analyses". Similar changes to other places that use charts as wellFeature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS-
7811213Tables API: runAggregation endpoint can use updatedAt and createdAt in filtersFeature EnhancementM_TABLE242
7765213User Management: Add roles for users that can approve apps but not build and build apps but not approveFeature EnhancementM_USER_ROLE375
7919213Make fast time triggers and workspace feature flags non-experimental.Feature EnhancementR_SACC, M_TRIG125, 150
7720213Add Machine and Machine Type versioning. This is behind a feature flag and not available for LTS customers as of LTS6.Feature Enhancement-53
7841213When a variable or a form field has a value that doesn't match the declared type, ignore this value but still report all the other variable / form fields / table records. Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_COMP803
6716213Improve analytics timestamp filtering performanceFeature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS242
7836213Trim trailing whitespace when creating table record IDsFeature EnhancementM_TABLE-
7840213Changes the time from a dropdown with options (e.g. 30 seconds, 1 minute) to an open ended input field for entering seconds.Feature EnhancementM_TRIG125, 150