Bug Fixes

This page provides a list of merged bug fixes between the LTS 5.0 release and the LTS 6.0 release.

Unique IDReleaseFix NotesImplemented By
6954206Enable editing an analysis using machine types with custom activity fields that are colorsM_ANALYSIS
6920206Ensure MDC (Basic Dataset) nodes can be explored on DMG machinesM_MACH, M_MDTS
6911206Allow timestamps as X axis in analysesM_ANALYSIS
6884206Account owners can see user table with custom fieldsM_USER_FIELD
6837206Fix error messages on logout from Factory.S_AUTH
6824206Machine attribute widget always displays the value, even if it is not mapped on the machine type for the machineM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
6967206Ensure that expressions in analytics editor do not overflow, which was preventing deletion of an operationM_ANALYSIS, M_EXPRESSION
6976206Enable state change triggers for machine typesM_MTRIG, M_MTYP
6962206Add support for interval and timestamp comparisons in expression editorM_EXPRESSION
6836206DATE_TRUNC_TZ expression properly incorporates timezoneM_EXPRESSION, M_TRIG
6877206Ensure that “Last Machine Output” always gets the correct valueM_MACH, M_TRIG
6799206Properly escape table record paths in APIM_BOTS, M_TABLE
6925206Ensure users cannot create a placeholder that does not link to a valid Tulip TableM_APP_VER_RECD, M_TABLE
7019207Correctly display table records in Completions in Dev ModeM_APP_VER_COMP, R_DEVM, M_TABLE_RECORD
7031207Fix issue where gateways were showing up as deleted in triggersM_TRIG
7068207Add ability to set number of decimal places for Machine Status WidgetM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7059207Switching between editing multiple select inputs now always updates optionsM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7089207Allow activity fields to be added for machine status widgetR_APPE, M_MFLD, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7037207Hide archived columns when showing table record details in CompletionsM_APP_VER_COMP
7036207Ensure all options can be selected when creating machine activity fields and attributesM_MFLD, M_MATT
7040207Ensure client secret does not get overwritten when editing other parts of connector configM_CONN
6978207Analytics editor does not break when building for machines with custom color activity fieldsM_ANALYSIS, M_MACH, M_MFLD
7051207Better formatting for long text in Record History WidgetM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET
6957207When deleting a machine attribute, ensure that our check for whether it is being used covers every usage optionM_MATT
6979207Analyses can run on multiple machines even if the types have different custom activity fieldsM_ANALYSIS, M_MFLD, M_MTYP
6947207For connectors, handle case where OAuth 2.0 refresh tokens expireM_CONN
6988207Ensure machine activity table updates in real timeM_MACH_MACT
6966207Revamp archived apps and app groups modal and unify verbiageM_APP, M_APPGROUP
7144208Fix bug where camera widget does not work without variablesM_APP_VER_VAR, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7135208Fix issue around CSV exporting table analysesM_ANALYSIS, M_WORKSPACE
7181208Systems: Images consistently show up in Azure gardensNA (Non-Functional)
7278208Color variable defaults are corrected, preventing situation where completions failR_APPE, M_APP_VER_COMP, M_APP_VER_VAR
7101208Machine Monitoring: Fix State Change Events for Machine Variables in App TriggersM_MACH, M_TRIG, M_APP_VER_VAR
7113208Fix issue where create record from API shows as deleted user in DHRM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET
7106208Machine Monitoring: Ignore State Change Events in "any attribute" Machine TriggersM_MTRIG
7153208Player: Logging out in GxP mode no longer triggers a failed attempt to report a completionM_APP_VER_COMP
7188208Tables: Allow dropping all records for tables with links M_TABLE, M_TABLE_RECORD
7190208Dashboards: Fix vertical scrolling on shareable dashboardsM_ANALYSIS
7290209Shop Floor: Empty Station Groups should appear in the left navM_STAG
7294209Widgets: Fix date picker bugM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7282209Web Player: Fix front-end memory leakS_PLAYER
7331209Fix increment on blank record field in dev modeR_APPE, R_DEVM, M_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD
7258209Remove invalid options from dynamic analysis filtersM_ANALYSIS, R_APPE
7263209Require users to select the type of variable when creating through input widgets.R_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7262209Entering a negative number into a table filter input no longer shows confusing error messageM_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7260209Update date picker to allow parsing custom formatsM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7242209Adds a toggle in the oauth configuration modal that configures how client id and client secret are sent for refreshing tokens request. M_CONN
7238209Fixes CSV export of shared table analysesM_ANALYSIS
7219209Table link action in trigger editor no longer allows user to select archived fieldsM_TABLE, M_TRIG
7285209Ensure deletions appear in Record History WidgetM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET, M_TABLE
7217209Fix bug with deleting static options when editing select inputsR_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7210209Enforce only one machine being assigned to a single stationM_MACH
7283209Avoid race condition when selecting rows in Interactive Table Widget.M_TABLE, M_TRIG, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7267209Fix approval type usage calculationsM_APP_APPR, M_APPROVALTYPE
7278209Color variable defaults work correctlyR_APPE, M_APP_VER_VAR
7473210Fixed a bug where the User Deactivation modal description did not accurately reflect Tulip's behavior around automatic reactivation of users who log in with SAML.S_AUTH
7474210Fixed a bug where existing SAML Operators could log in to the Factory UI.S_AUTH
7388210Fix LDAP authentication over TLS for certificates without subject namesS_AUTH
7395210Bug: Fix pasting image issue into app editorR_APPE, NA (Non-Functional)
7368210Fixed bug where photo preview was not shown on upload-only widget.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7358210Add station online status on camera preview page; disallow selection of offline stations for camera preview.M_STAT
7328210Fix issue where the admin interface can be opened in the electron applicationS_PLAYER
7342210Fixes a bug where buttons (and other events) are ignored while a step opened trigger is runningS_PLAYER, M_TRIG
7329210Fix issue preventing apps in Dev Mode from completing after switching stations and then going to splash screenM_APP_VER_COMP, R_DEVM, M_STAT
7305210Fix "Is In" filter in Table AggregationsM_TABLE, M_APP_VER_AGG
7340210Fix bug where machine appeared as "Unnamed Machine" in select widget.M_MACH, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7555211Settings: Fix device uptime not loadingR_SACC
7529211Machine Monitoring: Fix permission and display issues with API connectorsM_MDTS
7525211Machine Monitoring: Fix bug where creating an API data source would navigate to a broken pageM_MDTS
7493211Widgets: Upload widget now has adjustable font size.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7450211Machine Types: Fix "Leave page without saving" box on machine type pageM_MTYP
7466211Table Queries: Added new error to query bar that will appear if the query name is longer than 40 characters. M_TABLE, M_TABLE_QUERY
7424211Permissions: Fixed a bug where app-specific user permissions could be lost when the user changed roles.M_APP_PERM
7423211Player: "Complete App and Logout Current User" goes to splash screen after logout to prevent new triggers from firingM_TRIG
7422211Dev Mode: Machine activity data created in Dev Mode does not persist to the machine activity table.R_DEVM, M_MFLD
7487211Expressions: Fix issue where date_trunc and seconds_to_interval expressions could not be used togetherM_EXPRESSION
7197211Tables: Display Table Records in the time zone of the viewing userM_TABLE
7600212Prevent changes to user profiles and roles when using Group-Restricted LDAP login.S_AUTH
7823212Fix bug where timestamp expression comparisons always evaluated to falseM_EXPRESSION
7755212Machine Monitoring: Prevent users from creating empty machine triggers, which was preventing machine events from reaching playerM_MTRIG
7756212Add better handling of MM trigger errors, allowing downstream listeners to receive the machine eventM_MTRIG
7808212Fix bug where interactive table widget crashed in app editor when adding columnsM_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7691212Fix empty state for toggle widgetM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7719212Fix issue where unmapped attributes used in trigger conditions caused the whole trigger to fail.M_MATT, M_MTRIG
7662212Fix a bug where deleting a machine type takes user to a broken pageM_MTYP
7614212Tables: Fix not equal filter for datetime columnsM_TABLE
7586212Analytics: Fix issue where ROUND expressions returned a string, making some analyses behave oddlyM_ANALYSIS, M_EXPRESSION
7617212Improve confirmation message when inviting operators.S_AUTH
7589212Machine Type editor correctly prompts the user to save when leaving the page mid-editingM_MTYP
7619212Machine Monitoring: Allow triggers to run if the condition is left entirely emptyM_MTRIG
7562212Add table record usage for toggle/input widgets.R_APPE, M_TABLE
8059LTS6Fix bug with date filtering in analyticsM_ANALYSIS, M_TABLE
7991213Fixed a permission issue with the `POST /v2/storage/allocate` endpoint for batch record upload.M_TABLE
8008213Fix a bug where videos played without audio on Safari web player.R_APPE, S_PLAYER
7971LTS6Fix bug where linked IDs shows up in the wrong link field in record history widgetM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET, M_TABLE
7912213Fix broken image if no customer logo has been set.S_PLAYER
7887213Fix bug where editing restored machine type triggers modified the published versionM_MTYP
7898213Fix re-adding a machine activity field after previously deleting itM_MACH_MACT
7852213Add ellipses for long aggregation names to prevent cutting off other contentM_TABLE
7889213Fix issue where updating machine types fail.M_MTYP
7894213Fix number input widgets having inconsistent behavior with separators across different languages.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
7867213Keep editing state consistent when switching tabs on machine pageM_MACH
7871213Fix accordion height when moving between machine type view and edit modesM_MTYP
7851213Fix machine archive POST endpointM_MACH
7857213Tulip Tables: CSV imports create audit log entriesM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET, M_TABLE
7550LTS6Analytics: Improve time bucket performanceM_ANALYSIS
7873213Remove file type option from machine activity fieldsM_MFLD
7779213Fix dragging and dropping apps and app groups to the root levelM_APP, R_APPE, M_APPGROUP
8102LTS6Changes the behavior of dynamic analysis refresh to display a loading icon instead of an error.M_ANALYSIS
7797213Present users with expression errors as expressions are editedM_EXPRESSION
7834213Fix image upload for machine datasourcesM_MDTS