App (Application)

A Tulip app is a custom Javascript payload that is run on a web browser running the Tulip Player code, or on the official downloadable Tulip application running on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The application logic determines what visuals are shown to a user according to the defined steps in the application, and the state of variables defined in relation to that application.

Steps include media such as video, images, pdf files, as well as control elements such as buttons with defined triggers, and form inputs such as number and string inputs, image upload etc. A Tulip App also can interpret inputs from devices attached to the tablet it is running on such as a barcode scanner or camera.

It contains these Models:


Name Description
Name a non unique string identifier of the app
App ID The unique identifier of the app
Current Version The most recent published and approved version of the app
Last modified A timestamp of the last change to the development version of the app
Approvals A list of approval types and their assigned users required for release of a new app version
Dashboard Each app links to a dashboard showing all analyses that utilize the completion data of that app
Permissions A list of permission assignments for editing the application
Versions A list of all published versions and snapshots of the app, including the “development” version of the app, which is unpublished
Comments A list of all comments that have been added by app builders throughout the history of the app
Notes A text field with all current notes left by the app builder. Unlike app comments, this is not versioned.
Activation Status A boolean field that determines whether the app is active or deactivated


QA-T323Apps Page : 03 - App Manipulation
QA-T324Apps Page : 04 - App Overview
QA-T506Copying Triggers : 05 - Copying and pasting App Triggers between apps


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