Bug Fixes

This page provides a list of merged bug fixes for the LTS7 release. Bug fixes from prior releases are not shown.

Unique ID: The ID provides a unique reference to the functionality that was merged into the product. The format was changed to ABC-1234 in LTS7 to directly link the numbering from the tickets used internally for development. The prior ID is maintained as a cross reference in LTS7 and will be removed in LTS8.

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Fix Notes: A brief description of the issue that was fixed.

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the bug fix may have impacted. In many cases, Product Specs will not be impacted by bug fixes based on their scope or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

Unique IDReleaseFix NotesImplemented By
PLAT-6717 (7971)214Fix bug where linked IDs shows up in the wrong link field in record history widgetM_APP_VER_STEP_HIST_WIDGET, M_TABLE
PLAT-6819 (8147)214Fix bug where archiving a table column would prevent editing an Interactive Table widget if the column was used in sorts or filters.R_APPE, M_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-6948 (8120)214Revert change to logo color on login screenS_PLAYER
PLAT-6894 (8077)214Fix issue where machine versioning notification showed even if feature flag was offR_APPV, M_MACH
PLAT-6885 (8070)214Selecting empty string from schedules causes error.-
PLAT-6806 (8042)214Fixed a bug where double-clicking an interactive table widget would prevent you from clicking the table again. User would see a pinwheel of death. R_APPE, M_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-6791 (8002)214Allows users to create expressions of arbitrary length. Previously was limited to ~150 elements with no indication in the UIM_EXPRESSION
PLAT-6763 (8025)214Allow customers to re-register the same device with a shareable station. Previously if you logged out of player and then sent a second shareable station link, the second link would fail.M_STAT
PLAT-6721 (8024)214Websocket check on network check page now works as intended. Previously it would always fail even if the connection was healthy.-
PLAT-6692 (7945)214Fix issue where machine edit state persisted when navigating to another machineM_MACH, R_MLIB
PLAT-6690 (7948)214Allow workspace owners to create and update approval types.M_APP_APPR, M_WORKSPACE
PLAT-6673 (7951)214Fix bug that prevented certain stations from being able to store completion data.M_APP_VER_COMP, M_STAT
PLAT-6662 (7906)214Fixed a bug where the Player Registration page would sometimes not present the option to assign to an existing station.S_PLAYER, M_STAT
PLAT-6643 (7993)214Fix issue where saving an expression removes backets.M_EXPRESSION
PLAT-6635 (7954)214Fix issue preventing apps from exporting if a widget gets resized.R_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-5857 (8003)214Fix issue where schedule changes in Asia are offset by a day.-
PLAT-5155 (7940)214Fix bug with removing Tulip Table record placeholders and reference to table in app builder M_TABLE, M_TABLE_RECORD
PLAT-7068 (8226)215Fix erroneously saving variables in completions if not marked as "Save for Analysis"M_APP_VER_COMP
PLAT-6971 (8154)215Fix bug where archiving a Tulip Table column would break the rendering of a Table Query that used that columnM_TABLE, M_TABLE_QUERY
PLAT-6965 (8175)215Fix an issue where machine downtime reasons could have multiple types of null values, some of which where not filtered out by "Is Null" filters in analytics.M_ANALYSIS, M_MTYP
PLAT-6964 (8161)215Remove Cog button from shared analysesM_ANALYSIS
PLAT-6956 (8165)215Fix options menu display when viewing an analysis in full screenM_ANALYSIS
PLAT-6938 (8130)215Disable button to create connectors for users who don't have permission.M_CONN
PLAT-6928 (8105)215Fixes race condition in analytics that led to random query failuresM_ANALYSIS
PLAT-6915 (8126)215Fix flickering when viewing completionsM_APP_VER_COMP
PLAT-6866 (8133)215Fix bug where variables showed in Dev Mode completions even when "Dont save for analysis" was selectedM_APP_VER_COMP, R_DEVM
PLAT-6813 (8055)215Improve performance of links query so that we can load tables even when records are linked many timeM_TABLE
PLAT-7168 (8292)216Fix bug when closing a table query with no sorting option crashes a table admin pageM_TABLE, M_TABLE_QUERY
PLAT-7138 (8289)216Fixes step in CSV import that broke due to changes to DDMRecordListCount query change.M_TABLE
PLAT-7117 (8265)216Fix issue with whitespace in Table Link IDs.M_TABLE, M_TABLE_RECORD
PLAT-7064 (8234)216Show all table placeholders correctly when record tab is first opened. R_APPE, M_TABLE_RECORD
PLAT-7060 (8232)216Fix bug preventing admins and station supervisors from editing machine type details.M_APP_PERM, M_MTYP
PLAT-7048 (8236)216Show all records for timeframe and error state if there are more records than the parameterized amount.M_MACH, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-7045 (8205)216Fix configuring app inputs in app editor for filters that use created at or updated at columns. R_APPE, M_TABLE_QUERY
PLAT-7019 (8255)216Fix the new user onboarding flow time zone, ensuring users can't sign up after the cutoff.-
PLAT-6997 (8183)216Recalculate aggregations in triggers to ensure the value is up to dateM_APP_VER_AGG, M_TRIG
PLAT-6995 (8192)216Prevent editing for aggregations on archived fields and more clearly indicate the status of these aggregations.M_TABLE_QUERY
PLAT-6982 (8285)216Fix issue preventing administrators from registering Gateways.M_USER_ROLE
PLAT-6918 (8157)216Hide scrollbars from being always visible in new user onboarding.UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-6917 (8204)216Fixes two non-critical console errors occurring in the new user onboarding flowUX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-6889 (8253)216Fixed an issue where an error toast appeared on the app summary page if the app had a gauge widget on the first step.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-6868 (8184)216Add empty state views for Vision pages.UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-5842 (8190)216Creating a table link with table that has video column shouldn't "fail" anymoreM_TABLE
PLAT-7289 (8362)217Fixes scrolling issue in "New Analysis" modal.M_ANALYSIS
PLAT-7243 (8338)217Fix issue where blank signature form steps end up with no widgets.R_APPE
PLAT-7210 (8308)217Analysis display widgets no longer flicker every time the analysis recomputesM_ANALYSIS
PLAT-7199 (8350)217App completions will not display a station name when running on an unassigned display device.M_APP_VER_COMP, M_STAT
PLAT-7182 (8304)217Allow using a static list of strings as an argument for the "is in" table filter.M_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-7173 (8357)217Show text cursor when hovering over expression editor text fieldM_EXPRESSION, UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-7164 (8282)217Fix exporting CSV for a shared table analysesM_ANALYSIS
PLAT-6914 (8284)217Harmonize display of less than and greater than symbols in trigger conditionsR_APPE
PLAT-6291 (8272)217Remove nonfunctional "OPCUA" option from machine data source dropdownM_MDTS
PLAT-7280 (8369)218Allow Workspaces owners to be able to edit appsM_APP_PERM, M_WORKSPACE
PLAT-7537 (8562)218Fix trigger editor crashing when opening triggers using transition action 'App > Cancel App then change to step'R_APPE, M_TRIG
PLAT-7507 (8539)218Fixed a bug that could cause the Publish button in the App Editor to be disabled.M_APP_APPR
PLAT-7506 (8538)218Fix bug where table record placeholders in imported apps were not saved in app completionsM_APP_VER_COMP
PLAT-7392 (8462)218Makes archived column usage more consistent in queries and aggregations and on interactive table. M_TABLE, M_APP_VER_AGG
PLAT-7374 (8439)218Improve first time performance of open trigger editor that contain expression editorsM_EXPRESSION
PLAT-7372 (8467)218Fix a performance issue on the Users page with a large number of users.R_SACC
PLAT-7349 (8441)218Fixed an issue where Workspace Owners and Application Builders could not edit some apps.M_APPROVALTYPE, M_WORKSPACE
PLAT-7327 (8465)218Fixed a bug where variables used in expressions aren't listed under "Where Used" in the variables modalM_EXPRESSION, M_APP_VER_VAR
PLAT-7273 (8373)218Allow breadcrumb sub-headers to open in a new tab.M_TABLE
PLAT-7213 (8396)218Fixed mouseover highlight in interactive table overlaying over header when scrolling.M_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-7188 (8389)218Changes connector functions if they have a changed ddmIdM_TABLE
PLAT-7167 (8283)218Fixed Create Jig button in detector page to disable when user has no permission or station is not selected. Message will show when hovered over the disabled button indicating the issue.M_DETECTOR
PLAT-7142 (8385)218Prevents users from creating or editing dashboard names to be blankM_DASH
PLAT-7025 (8251)218Fix issue with relative time filters in analytics sometimes returning incorrect resultsM_ANALYSIS, M_APP_VER_COMP
PLAT-6986 (8484)218Fixed printing specific steps or step groups on iPadM_TRIG
PLAT-6838 (8386)218Fixed a corner case issue where users could accidentally save Deleted Variable in the Trigger Editor if they updated a trigger too quickly after publishing a new app version.R_APPE, M_TRIG
PLAT-6780 (8380)218Improve expression editors performance on first time opening and while typingM_EXPRESSION
PLAT-6732 (8280)218The textarea that appears when editing a button now inherits the text-justification of it's parent. (i.e. if you edit a button with right-aligned text, the text remains right-aligned during the edit process).R_APPE
PLAT-5828 (8354)218When Tulip Player on DMG Mori CELOS systems is minimized, it will continue to process triggers.S_PLAYER
PLAT-5515 (8399)218Record placeholder that shouldn't be saved for analysis won't appear in completion data on devmodeR_DEVM
PLAT-3708 (8460)218Improve the performance of opening the trigger editor with large triggers with many actions M_EXPRESSION, M_TRIG
PLAT-7871 (8709)219Fixes an issue where when using a variable datasource for a machine attribute widget, changing the variable value would not change the machine that the widget was subscribed to.M_MATT, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-7865 (8706)219Text editor cursor no longer defaulting to end of string.R_APPE
PLAT-7697 (8650)219Fix importing tables with Unique Value aggregationsM_APP_VER_AGG
PLAT-7602 (8606)219Fixed a bug where comments on rejected app approvals were not visible.M_APP_APPR
PLAT-7600 (8596)219Add Drag and Drop to Person, Machine and Station type values in Single/Multi Select WidgetR_APPE
PLAT-7574 (8648)219Remove arrows from selected page in pagination controlsR_APPE, M_TABLE, UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-7533 (8552)219Fixes issue so that machine attribute can be updatedM_MATT
PLAT-7528 (8598)219Fix a bug where single number analytics would be blank after scrolling away and backM_ANALYSIS, M_DASH
PLAT-7495 (8573)219Ensure app users cannot complete a form without filling out a required dropdown.R_APPE
PLAT-7458 (8521)219Fix the Activity Feed on pages that are not workspace-scoped (Account settings, My profile, etc.)M_ACTIVITY, M_WORKSPACE
PLAT-7457 (8523)219Fix OPC Connector config not being savedM_MDTS
PLAT-7449 (8514)219Fix recent bug that prevented a machine activity field to be editedM_MFLD
PLAT-7430 (8494)219Machine types will actually be deleted from backend and machine property pages won't reference them anymore. R_APPV, M_MTYP
PLAT-7420 (8540)219Fix table links breaking when importing apps between workspacesM_TABLE, M_WORKSPACE
PLAT-7396 (8459)219Fix count on machine properties on machine typeM_MATT, M_MTYP
PLAT-7319 (8551)219Update Factory translationsR_APPE
PLAT-7308 (8500)219Fix the alignment of "IP Cameras" tab in Vision pagesUX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-7248 (8579)219Fixes a UX bug: users are now always able to pick a different datasource in the condition editor of the trigger editor.M_TRIG
PLAT-7185 (8333)219Fix the size of the empty state in dev mode completionsR_DEVM, UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-7172 (8356)219Fix opening Firefox's 'find in page' box when typing / or ' into the expression editorM_EXPRESSION
PLAT-7032 (8570)219Fix issue where master-layout elements remained on forms when printing.M_APP
PLAT-7005 (8355)219Fix expression editor cut / pasting conflicting with app editor cut / pastingM_EXPRESSION
PLAT-6741 (8481)219Celos + Workspaces ONLY: Player registration is fixedM_WORKSPACE
PLAT-6735 (8532)219Added stepper increment and decrement buttons to border radius in app editor context pane widget.R_APPE
PLAT-6126 (8493)219Fix error in triggers that clear machine activity fields of type intervalM_TRIG
PLAT-8048 (8796)220The Default Color variable color has been reverted from a light gray color back to the original darker gray. (This ticket fixes PLAT-8070, which attempted to do the same thing). It also no longer shows that gray color in the color-picker and reverts to the "white-square-with-red-diagonal-line" through it.M_TRIG
PLAT-7986 (8754)220Fixes an issue where the remove machine attribute mappings modal did not work in the machine type editorM_MATT, M_MTYP
PLAT-7973 (8740)220Fix issue where print feature on an app opens a new tab, but the loading screen never endsM_APPGROUP
PLAT-7971 (8742)220Fix issue where columns on the tables page did not render properlyM_TABLE
PLAT-7969 (8749)220Fixed a bug in workspaces where Display Device registration would break if you went back from the "name this device" page to the workspace chooser page.S_PLAYER, M_WORKSPACE
PLAT-7826 (8688)220Fix Machine Data Source OPC Connector save buttonM_MDTS
PLAT-7645 (8625)220Fix tooltip examples for MID and FIND expressions.M_EXPRESSION
PLAT-7552 (8629)220Fix OPC Connector setting a dummy avatarM_CONN, M_MDTS
PLAT-7523 (8626)220In the App Editor, the Variable Date Picker should now be visible and not cut off by the other UI elements.R_APPE, M_APP_VER_VAR
PLAT-6487 (8611)220In the App Editor, long words that previously had been cut off by the UI should now fit.M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-8192 (8880)221Fix too many hidden stations causing collapse state for Station ManagerM_STAT
PLAT-8140 (8860)221Fixes a bug that broke code responsible for ensuring electron player cannot load admin / non-player routesS_PLAYER
PLAT-8070 (8789)221The Default Color variable color has been reverted from a light gray color back to the original darker gray.R_APPE
PLAT-8016 (8833)221Bug fix: can now ctrl+click to open tables in a new tabM_TABLE, UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-7960 (8732)221Fixes an issue where machine field types were not respected by the connector hostM_MTYP
PLAT-7832 (8725)221Fix analytic expressions outputting incorrect week of the yearM_ANALYSIS, M_EXPRESSION
PLAT-7720 (8747)221Fix issue where step enter triggers are getting dropped after complete and change to transition.M_TRIG
PLAT-7700 (8783)221Table analytics now respect their refresh interval as defined in analytic settings.M_ANALYSIS, M_TABLE
PLAT-7362 (8780)221Fix 'Send SMS With Image' trigger action not sending text messagesM_TRIG
PLAT-7227 (8726)221In order to speed up the performance of the Stations page, we'll default the station groups to closed if the customer has > 100 stations. This dramatically improves the rendering time on initial load.M_STAG
PLAT-6882 (8757)221Added 'Create Machine Type' modal to new machine page 'Machine Types' create buttonM_MTYP, UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-6113 (8744)221Static value datasource is no longer selectable on the left hand side of conditions in trigger editor as it did not serve a functional purpose.M_TRIG
PLAT-8672 (9059)222Fixed an issue with Single Select and Multi Select widgets where the Font Size setting was not being applied.R_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-8594 (9029)222Fixed an issue where station page was fully reloading when workspaces was turned on.R_STAT
PLAT-8522 (8999)222Thumbnail on App overview page was not rendering all widgets.M_APP, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-8353 (8934)222Station group app assignments was missing certain UI components that allowed for navigation to an app.M_STAG
PLAT-8339 (8927)222Fix bug where station group app assignment changes are not reflected in the station UIM_STAT
PLAT-8242 (8922)222Fixed a performance issue when searching in the Apps menu in Player.S_PLAYER
PLAT-8159 (8883)222Fix pagination in table analysis: do not show an ellipsis if there is no subsequent pageM_TABLE, UX (Non-Functional)
PLAT-8158 (8884)222Bug fix for faulty filtering in display devices pageR_DISPDEV
PLAT-8127 (8850)222Fixed a bug in Bots edit modal where the save button was disabled even if the scopes were changedM_BOTS
PLAT-6729 (8907)222Hitting "Cancel" on the Add Analysis pop-up modal now closes the modal, instead of clearing any selected analyses.M_ANALYSIS
PLAT-9057 (9116)LTS7In Table widgets used with a variable as a datasource, fix the rendering of timestamp valuesM_CONN_FUNC, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-9011 (9086)LTS7Fixes a bug causing the "Publish app modal" to submit when enter key is pressed within the multi line text field.R_APPE
PLAT-8991 (9093)LTS7Table Record Dropdown was cut-off, preventing the selected item from being read.R_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET
PLAT-8693 (9094)LTS7Reduce expression editor memory usage to fix the browser crashing with the error of out of memory.R_APPE, M_EXPRESSION
PLAT-8620 (9072)LTS7(Validation Mode Only) Behavior changed when re-assigning a display device to a station with a display device already present. Now, previous display device is unassigned, new display device is added to the Station. User is logged out at station, existing app is cancelled but not logged to Completions, new user sees login screen. Unassigned player can not run any apps, unless devAppsInValidationMode feature flag is enabled, then user can choose any app, at development version.R_DISPDEV, M_STAT
PLAT-8592 (9091)LTS7Users can no longer delete active variables that were being used by Dropdown/Select widgets.M_APP_VER_VAR
PLAT-8436 (9071)LTS7Fix for Player registration not working if site logo is brokenS_PLAYER