Release Notes

This page provides a list of changes for the LTS7 release. Changes from prior releases are not shown.

"Release Notes" document each new improvement in functionality in the Tulip product.

It exhaustively documents changes to:

  • The Tulip product i.e.

It provides partial documentation for:

  • The Tulip Player

It does not include documentation on:

  • Tulip IoT Gateway, EdgeMC or EdgeIO

Here's an explanation of each column below.

Unique ID: The ID provides a unique reference to the functionality that was merged into the product. The format was changed to ABC-1234 in LTS7 to directly link the numbering from the tickets used internally for development. The prior ID is maintained as a cross reference in LTS7 and will be removed in LTS8.

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Release Notes: A brief description of the change.

Type of Change: Chosen from one of three options-

Feature Enhancement: A new capability within an existing feature.

New Feature: An entirely new feature with functionality independent of all existing features.

Feature Deprecated: A feature that was removed and will no longer be supported.

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the changes are reflected. In many cases, Product Specs will not be updated due to bug fixes or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

User Requirements: The URS IDs to which an change relates.

Unique IDReleaseRelease NotesType of ChangeImplemented ByUser Requirements
PLAT-6934 (7995)214Add new user onboarding flow.New FeatureUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-6879 (8056)214Add searching on the machine types page.Feature EnhancementM_MTYP21
PLAT-6877 (8054)214Update the machine properties page (behind Feature Flag)Feature EnhancementM_MACH, R_MLIB-
PLAT-6873 (8052)214New Machine Types page (behind Feature Flag)Feature EnhancementM_MTYP-
PLAT-6872 (8051)214Refurbish modals in the machines page.Feature EnhancementM_MACH, R_MLIB-
PLAT-6778 (8040)214Improve performance for recording an app completionFeature EnhancementM_APP_VER_COMP292
PLAT-6737 (7980)214Add support for multiple barcode types in the barcode widget.Feature EnhancementR_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET391
PLAT-6736 (7962)214Add support for Code39 barcode rendering in the barcode widget.Feature EnhancementR_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET391
PLAT-6691 (7920)214Revamp the machine creation modal.Feature EnhancementM_MACH, R_MLIB-
PLAT-4027 (8137)215Update empty state views for machines.Feature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional), M_MACH-
PLAT-1885 (8138)215By default, app editors on all sites will now see the Go To Next Step Group trigger action.New FeatureR_APPE, M_TRIG125
PLAT-7121 (8262)216Adds two additional functions to the expression editor: ENCODE_URI(string) - used to safely encode an entire URL; ENCODE_URI_COMPONENT(string) - used to safely encode just a component of a URLNew FeatureM_EXPRESSION, M_TRIG-
PLAT-7108 (8259)216Icons for the column type appear for each item in column picker for widgets now.Feature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional), M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-7066 (8238)216Arbitrary durations can now be input for previous output on machine triggers. This was previously limited to specific durations in a drop down menu.Feature EnhancementM_MTRIG-
PLAT-7017 (8191)216Pin vertical scroller on embedded tables so it is easier to scroll without having to move horizontal scroll all the way to the right to see vertical scroller. Also added sticky header, so we can scroll just the table body while still having the header row visible.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-7014 (8243)216Enable text wrap in both the table admin page and the table widget. On the admin page, text wrap can be turned on via the dropdown menu. On the widget, it can be turned on in the app editor side panel. Text wrapping is off by default and should not affect the display of existing Apps.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE, R_TBLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-7010 (8188)216Added string functions to analytics for "Does Not Contain", "Does Not Start With", and "Does Not End With"Feature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS-
PLAT-7006 (8263)216Add API endpoint that can sign one or more URLs in TulipNew FeatureM_BOTS-
PLAT-7004 (8213)216Tables are searchable on the table page.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE-
PLAT-7003 (8178)216Adds "Is Linked To", "Is Not Linked To", "Has Links", and "Has No Links" conditions to triggers for record placeholder link columnsFeature EnhancementM_APP_VER_RECD, M_TABLE_RECORD, M_TABLE_RECORD_FIELD, M_TRIG-
PLAT-7000 (8181)216Make search for table links in table admin page case insensitive.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE-
PLAT-6645 (NA)216A new 'Unique' Table Aggregation that return a unique list of items from a Table field. Results can be displayed in Apps or used to define the options of a drop down.Feature EnhancementM_TABLE-
PLAT-6319 (8189)216Allow users to change the font size for pagination controls in Interactive Table widgetsFeature EnhancementM_TABLE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-7253 (8336)217Truncate long modal titlesFeature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7059 (8250)217When creating a machine, the user must set a machine type, can additionally set a description and an image (behind Feature Flag). Feature EnhancementM_MACH, R_MLIB-
PLAT-7041 (8275)217Adds a STRING_TO_IMAGE_URL function to the expression editor, allowing users to build triggers that store images in tables or variables.Feature EnhancementM_EXPRESSION, M_TRIG-
PLAT-7040 (8291)217Adds a INTERVAL_TO_SECONDS() function to the trigger and expression analytics editors.Feature EnhancementM_EXPRESSION, M_TRIG-
PLAT-7028 (8274)217Added "Clear on Completion" and "Save for Analysis" toggle options to variable widget on App Editor.Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_VAR-
PLAT-6786 (NA)217Empty states have been created or updated across the platform to make for a more consistent user experience.Feature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-3202 (8349)217Allow users to create bar charts for Tulip Tables without a numeric column. Add a new analysis template which counts the number of rows for distinct values.Feature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS-
PLAT-2036 (8023)217Add throttling to login requests. Login access will be disabled for approximately 10 minutes after 10 failed attempts. Feature EnhancementS_AUTH-
PLAT-7411 (8482)218Reduce amount of warning messages from Vision component.Feature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7259 (8341)218When picking a Tulip Table record placeholder to link to a table widget, app designers can create the record on the fly (the same way they can create a variable in the variable picker.)Feature EnhancementR_APPE, M_TABLE_RECORD800, 292
PLAT-7136 (8425)218New 'Save Image' trigger action added, which allows for downloading images to the local filesystem from within an appNew FeatureM_TRIG86
PLAT-6443 (7640)218Allow filtering regions by name in the camera previewFeature EnhancementM_DETECTOR, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-3990 (8280)218Buttons within the App Editor can now have their contents aligned left, center, or right (like text-boxes). The default for buttons remains centered. Feature EnhancementR_APPE-
PLAT-7530 (8554)219Removed support for Nymi Band biometric authentication.Feature DeprecatedS_AUTH-
PLAT-7510 (8537)219Context pane for text widget and button widget will now update on input and on blur respectively instead of requiring the user to click a green checkbox.Feature EnhancementR_APPE, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7478 (8527)219Enable color detector feature flag. Enable datamatrix detector feature flag. Above detectors become visible under Create Detectors and can be used generallyFeature EnhancementM_DETECTOR-
PLAT-7355 (8496)219Fix Custom aspect ratio on the webcam widgetFeature EnhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-7325 (8382)219Export the PVS's persistentId as part of the /appGroups endpointFeature EnhancementM_BOTS-
PLAT-7252 (8340)219Decrease the size of text in narrow Empty State views.Feature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7246 (8547)219Add ability to change sequence of static options for single/multi select widgetsFeature EnhancementR_APPE, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-6589 (8500)219An obscure password input field in the create/edit IP camera form.Feature Enhancement--
PLAT-3992 (8491)219Display what apps each table is used in on the Tables pageFeature EnhancementM_TABLE-
PLAT-7707 (8487)220Add keyboard support to new modals (escape to exit, enter to submit)Feature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7572 (8582)220Update toggle slider designFeature EnhancementUX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7479 (8530)220Clean up modals showing optional input fieldsFeature EnhancementR_APPE, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7251 (8636)220Create, Update and Delete actions are now recorded to the Activity History for Machines and Machine Types.Feature EnhancementM_ACTIVITY, M_MACH, M_MTYP-
PLAT-7225 (8353)220Can export/import machine analytics in apps. It will also export all data related to the machine types used in the analytics. Feature EnhancementM_ANALYSIS, M_MACH, M_MTYP-
PLAT-7104 (8641)220"Transitions Runtime Mode" is now the default for apps created on older Tulip sites. This makes older sites consistent with all new Tulip sites, which already had this functionality enabled by default. Old apps will not be affected.Feature EnhancementM_APP, M_TRIG-
PLAT-3180 (8643)220Updates the default behavior for color variables to be a transparent gray.Feature EnhancementR_APPE, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-8078 (8803)221Can now create objects in the variables modal which previously could only be created as the output of a Connector Function.Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_VAR-
PLAT-8076 (8794)221In app editor, you can now provide a default value for array and object types via the variables modal.Feature EnhancementR_APPE, M_APP_VER_VAR-
PLAT-8073 (8792)221Display labels for Object variable types when using the variable widget. Labels were not previously displayed.Feature EnhancementR_APPE, M_APP_VER_VAR, M_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-8062 (8791)221Added consistency in collapsible header throughout new machine page. This page is currently behind a feature flag.Feature EnhancementM_MACH, R_MLIB, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-8051 (8784)221Added hover and made entire row clickable for machine attribute mapping page. This page is behind a feature flag.Feature EnhancementR_MLIB, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-8050 (8781)221Added collapse/expand all button to attribute mapping page. This page is behind a feature flag.Feature EnhancementR_MLIB, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-8049 (8777)221Added tooltips for warning and link-off icons in machine attribute mapping page. This page is behind a feature flag.Feature EnhancementR_MDET, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7929 (8718)221Update the edit machine data source modal size to match current standards.Feature EnhancementM_MDTS, UX (Non-Functional)-
PLAT-7835 (8817)221Enable user to remove the selected table record placeholder from a table widget in the App Builder. Previously it required deleting and re-adding the table widget.Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_STEP_REG_WIDGET-
PLAT-7660 (8766)221New modal within the Display Device Page to create a single display device.New FeatureR_DISPDEV-
PLAT-7658 (8790)221Search field on display device page to search by name, station name, station group name and registration identifier.New FeatureR_DISPDEVPLAT-8989
PLAT-8292 (8955)222Improves the mechanism we use for fetching completions by making it faster and more memory efficient. All work is behind the "fasterCompletionQuery" feature flag.Feature EnhancementM_APP_VER_COMP-
PLAT-8402 (8886)222Removes shareable stations feature in favor of Display Device Registration Links.New FeatureR_DISPDEV, M_STATPLAT-8989
PLAT-8400 (8936)222News Feed and event tracking integration for Display Device registration through links.New FeatureM_DISPDEV, R_DISPDEV-
PLAT-8047 (8820)222Enable assigning Apps to Station Groups. All Stations within the Station Group inherit the app assignments of the Station Group. New Stations created within a Station Group no longer will have the default app assignment as "Any published version".New FeatureM_STAG-
PLAT-7978 (8913)222HTTP connector functions now support Image input and output types. The value for an image type should be a URL that points to an actual image that is hosted on the internet.Feature EnhancementM_CONN_FUNC, M_APP_VER_VAR-
PLAT-7872 (8914)222Added option to delete a Display Device from the Display Devices Page.Feature EnhancementM_DISPDEV, R_DISPDEV-
PLAT-7824 (8852)222Rename 'string_to_image_url' expression function to 'texttoimageurl' to match nomenclature of other functions.Feature EnhancementM_EXPRESSION-
PLAT-7816 (8928)222Automatically filter to just the newly created Display Device post device creation.New FeatureR_DISPDEV-
PLAT-7664 (NA)222Display Devices can now be created in Bulk from the Display Devices Page.New FeatureM_DISPDEV, R_DISPDEVPLAT-8989
PLAT-7661 (8876)222Restricts Players registered using the registration link from running all published apps when unassigned from the station. Adds search empty state message in player's app selection menuNew FeatureM_DISPDEV, R_DISPDEV-
PLAT-7656 (8840)222List Display Devices can be exported as CSV from the Display Devices Page.New FeatureM_DISPDEV, R_DISPDEVPLAT-8989
PLAT-7655 (NA)222New page for managing Display Devices. Accessible from the Shop Floor menu.New FeatureR_DISPDEVPLAT-8989
PLAT-7522 (8917)222Rename expressions parse_datetime_tz to TEXTTODATETIME; format_date_tz to DATETIMETOTEXT; date_trunc_tz to ROUNDDATETIME. Time zone is now optional in these functions. Player timezone will be used if none provided.Feature EnhancementM_EXPRESSION38
PLAT-6794 (8912)222Renaming Timeline Keys to Timeline Legend across the productFeature EnhancementM_MACH, UX (Non-Functional)-